The new SLA seals were internally evaluated and tested by the R&D department of Varvel,

A matter of tightness

The Italian company Varvel SpA introduces a new series of seals eliminating leakages and leading to a full tightness between flange and body

No more sealants, but brand-new solid laminated seals. Varvel’s innovation, a Bologna-based enterprise specialized in the production of speed reducers and variators, scores also this fundamental issue.Guarniz.RS-RT(800)

The new SLA seals were internally evaluated and tested by the R&D department of Varvel, the Bologna-based socially responsible company operating in over than 60 countries throughout the five continents. Implementation started on last January 2014 for SRS and SRT versions in the gearbox sizes 28, 40, and 50.

This upgrading immediately acquired a significant number of appreciations by all our customers as it avoids any accidental leakage occurring between housing and side covers and also inappropriate polymerization, very common in liquid sealants.

The success obtained by this innovation led the company to extend the new seals to other sizes of aluminium gearboxes. SRS and SRT sizes 60, 70, and 85 will be implemented shortly, and the first 5 aluminium sizes of the RD series follow in the second semester 2015.

The advantage of the solution is not only a leakage zeroing between body and covers but also an anti-loosening action on the screws by a tightening preload. In fact, when tightening the cover screws, the seal is highly compressed and then preloads the screws. Therefore, this feature is highly appreciated in applications with heavy vibrations.

“We do not rely on creating new series only – say Francesco Berselli and Mauro Cominoli, President and General Manager of Varvel SpA but also on existing production improvement. This highlights our great commitment in satisfying the requests of current and potential customers also according to corporate identity that guides us since our foundation celebrating this year its sixtieth anniversary.”