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Mattei and Nolangroup: Italian Pride

Mattei compressors have been working for 30 years in the prestigious Italian company Nolangroup. Made in Italy  design and production are two aspects that link Nolan Cash helmets and Mattei compressors joint by…


Mattei and Ammongas for a green industry

In Denmark, the farming industries are adopting technologies to prevent all types of waste. This means that organic waste is used to make Methane gas to be channelled into the gas distribution network….


Rotary blade compressors for aluminium foundries

Aluminium foundries are among the industrial contexts where the use of compressors is more subjected to very harsh use conditions. The rotary blade technology of the compressors of the series M135 Mattei, coupled…


Mattei and TerMac: a solid partnership for Autostrade per l’Italia

High efficiency, reliability and low maintenance costs: the company with headquarters in the Province of Brescia specialising in developing systems for the construction of horizontal road markings, has chosen Mattei rotary vane compressors….

This bolsters Ing. Enea Mattei's presence in the vehicle sector, consolidating its global leadership

Ing. Enea Mattei has acquired British company Winton Engineering

Through its UK subsidiary Mattei Compressors Ltd, Ing. Enea Mattei recently acquired Winton Engineering, with headquarters in Great Britain, established in 1985 and specialised in using the power of vehicle engines to drive…

Mattei's RVM series is particularly suited to be used in ecological transport vehicles

Compressed Air Supply for Transit

The compactness and super quiet operation of Mattei’s RVM series make it particularly suited to be used in ecological transport vehicles. Whether on rubber or rail, most means of transport use compressed air…

Alè! Climbing on board ecological buses

Mattei climbs on board ecological buses by Rampini for environmentally sustainable public transport. Mattei compressors are the perfect solution for electric vehicle market demands. Founded after World War II as a company providing…

Engineering at the service of Cultural Heritage Properties

RGI bioSteryl Tech chose Mattei ERC compressor for its technology of naturally disinfesting works of art. The Italian company RGI bioSteryl Tech Srl (in Genoa) developed an innovative disinfesting and disinfecting system based…

A compact solution for small companies

Rotary vane compressors

The experience of Ing. Enea Mattei SpA (Vimodrone, Milan, Italy) in the design and production of rotary vane compressors is translated into a new range conceived for the needs of small companies and…

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