Hydraulic motors

A powerful direct drive

The new Hägglunds CBM hydraulic motor from Bosch Rexroth creates powerful opportunities. Taking over from the tried-and-true Hägglunds Marathon motor, the Hägglunds CBM packs 50% more torque into a motor that is smaller and up to 50% lighter than its predecessor. That gives it the world’s highest torque-to weight ratio.

For Bosch Rexroth customers, the new motor opens up new possibilities. The Hägglunds CBM not only handles heavier workloads, but also takes up less space and places less weight on the driven shaft. This means that customer machines, and in some cases the facilities that house them, can be smaller, lighter and simpler.Fig5_Bosch

The motor’s reduced installation requirements, combined with the higher productivity it allows, can mean lower overall investments and increased long-term revenue. Added to this are the unique operating advantages of a hydraulic direct drive: full torque from zero speed, protection from shock loads and four-quadrant operation.

Power for growing demands

The Hägglunds CBM motor was developed in direct response to customer requests. Greater power is increasingly needed in many industries, and it is a prerequisite for a number of new applications, such as wind and tidal energy. The Hägglunds CBM provides power for these applications and many others.

Based on the Hägglunds CB platform, the Hägglunds CBM has internal advances that allow it to supply 6000 Nm/bar of specific torque. «The Hägglunds CBM satisfies the toughest new demands on the market,” says Lars Andrén, one of the key members of the Hägglunds CBM development team. “With its introduction, we can provide the unique advantages of a hydraulic direct drive to a broader range of applications than ever before.»

Tested to meet high expectations

In replacing a successful and trusted motor like the Hägglunds Marathon, Bosch Rexroth has left nothing to chance. Many years of R&D have gone into the Hägglunds CBM, as well numerous hours of testing to verify performance and quality. In fact, the Hägglunds CBM has undergone more lab testing than any other Hägglunds motor.


A smooth transition to greater power

Those looking to upgrade from the Hägglunds Marathon will be pleased to know that direct retrofit kits are available. These make exchanging the motor both quick and simple in existing machines.

All customers, however, will benefit from the ease of installing the Hägglunds CBM, since it has splines that simplify attachment to the driven shaft. (Shrink-disc adapters are also available.) Retrofitted or newly installed, the Hägglunds CBM makes it easy to meet the growing need for power.

To learn more, www.boschrexroth.com