A revolutionary consolidated caliper brake 

Fig. 1 – Two caliper brakes “with special opening”.

The activity of MWM FRENI FRIZIONI has always consisted in the design and development of “new” solutions to stand out and to propose increasingly functional and performing products.

In the sector of industrial caliper brakes, around ten years ago, M.W.M. Freni Frizioni srl presented an extremely innovative and revolutionary caliper brake configuration in the operating principle.

With an absolutely uncommon shape, the new M.W.M caliper brake models feature the revolutionary orthogonal motion freedom, at the due time patented by MMW FRENI FRIZIONI, which allows the installation of all MWM caliper brakes on disk but also on bars and rails, thus permitting their use directly on forklifts, railway wagons and cars.

This configuration allows in fact brake pads to suit the non-perfect straightness of rails/bars just through the side motion.

The use of forklifts allows performing emergency or parking braking with utmost safety because this “direct” braking system does not depend on transmissions, ropes or chains.

Main applications

Fig. 2 – Special negative caliper brake characterized by the possibility of regulating the braking force
  • Logistic industry (handling plants, elevators)
  • Mining sector (vehicles, wagons, lifting systems …)
  • Energy (especially wind turbines and turbines in general, fans ..)
  • Carousels and playgrounds
  • Packaging
  • Converting
  • Wire, cable, screw industry and so on …
  • Textile industry
  • Food industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rubber industry
  • Metalworking
  • Steel industry
  • Sample benches
  • Woodworking industry

MWM caliper brakes are “unique” because they have also these valuable characteristics:

  • Perfect alignment with the disk (or rail)
  • Easy installation
  • Orthogonal motion freedom
  • Compact actuators (patented)

Beyond the standard range

Besides the standard range, there are the manifold caliper brakes customized for all requirements:

Fig. 3 – Caliper brake with 3 sensors.
  • Two caliper brakes “with special opening”: the smallest caliper brake with special 2mm opening in comparison with the biggest one, with special opening of 80mm (braking force from 400 N to 70,000 N), figure 1;
  • Special negative caliper brake characterized by the possibility of regulating the braking force (through adjustment of the spring preload) and also equipped with 2 on-off position sensors (fig. 2);
  • Caliper brake with 3 sensors: n. 2 sensors for the opening/closing of the caliper brake and one seal friction wear sensor (fig. 3).