Reducing assembly and maintenance time

A self-locking V-bolt

10Asymmetric Fasteners (Hackettstown, NJ) has introduced a new bolt that works with the standard 60 degree female thread. The patented V-bolt’s asymmetric thread eliminates additional locking hardware, reducing assembly and maintenance time. The V-bolt spins freely until a clamp load is applied. As the clamp load increases, the crest of the standard female thread slides firmly against the entire thread engagement eliminating the radial clearance and providing secure, self-locking, vibration resistant connections. The V-bolt is available in sizes; 6/32, 8/32, 10/24, ¼-20, 3/8-16, and ½-13. Features include: high clamping force, reliable self-locking vibration resistant fastening, additional fastening choices for a wide range of industries.