Aignep joins Mechatronics

Aignep joins mechatronics thanks to the new modular solenoid valve 15V.apertura_aignep

The Italian company Aignep has recently joined mechatronics. The Italian company, specialized in pneumatics since many years, launched a new modular solenoid valve: 15 series. The new arrival in Aignep is modular and very compact, it also guarantees high performances.

New modular solenoid valve 15V series represents Aignep’s first step into mechatronics.
New modular solenoid valve 15V series represents Aignep’s first step into mechatronics.

«This new series is completely new in our range – says Graziano Bugatti, managing director of Aignep –. It represents the achievement of a project, where we combined both pneumatics and mechatronics solutions. This will be the first of several products that will come to satisfy the demand of the market in this field». In order to underline the importance of this project, Aignep has dedicated a specific catalogue to the 15V series.

The new modular solenoid valve it’s characterized by the reaction time and by the easy communication with the control machine, both PLC and CNC. At the moment the 15V has two protocols available: Prifibus and 37 Pin connection. As a second step the range will be upgraded  with two new protocols: Profinet and EtherNet/IP.

Modular and compact

The modular solenoid valve 15V series it’s characterized by high performances, compactness and modularity. Every solenoid valve has a specific thickness of 15 mm, the size is the same for both monostable and bistable and it’s possible to connect up to 32 solenoids. It can perform a flow rate of 830Ml/min.

The modular solenoid valve 15V series it’s characterized by high performances, compactness and modularity.
The modular solenoid valve 15V series it’s characterized by high performances, compactness and modularity.

The body of the 15V is made by aluminium; module’s body is made by reinforced technopolymer and the spool is made by nickel-plated aluminium. Pistons and seals are made by elastomer, sprigs are made by stainless steel AISI 302.

There are many accessories available. One of those accessories is the intermediate pneumatic supply that allows the user to count on the 15V not only for pressure application, but also for vacuum applications. Every pilot is placed in the same side of the valve where there also the push buttons are located, this way is possible to active them manually. The standard bases of the valves are single, they incorporate the push-in fittings to optimize the space. The activity of every valve it’s shown by its led signal, on the top of the body. The protection degree is IP67.

The way of installation and the entry in service are thought to be quick and flexible: that is why it is possible to purchase both assembled valves or spare components to mount the 15V modular solenoid valve.




AignepScan sends the orders in one click

The reduction of product delivery terms as well as of the necessity of their stocking up, besides the optimization of job order management costs have become irremissible factors for companies nowadays. A need particularly felt by small-medium manufacturers, end users and also by big entrepreneurial realities consisting of various manufacturing sites or divisions. First in the world among component manufacturers, Aignep (Italian leader company in the production of pneumatic components and solenoid valves) has devised an apposite APP for the order management and sending by a simple click from an IOS-compatible terminal: Ipad, Iphon or Ipod. It is called in fact AignepScan the APP free downloadable from Internet or directly from the site www.aignep.com. It is sufficient to approach the terminal to the QR code of a specific product, to scan the label – positioned on the package or applied on the warehouse shelves or at the sides of production lines -, to digit the wished quantity and send the order. Simple, intuitive but especially fast. The order reaches in real time Aignep that provides for the delivery of its over 5000 catalogue products.foto-1

How to manage the APP

AignepScan was presented by the Bione company – headquarters in Brescia province – in September and it is a practical and dynamic instrument, both when you order new products and when you call products already used on a manufacturing line.  

Product labels, scanned by the terminal, are directly placed on the component package or they can be applied on containers and shelves where single products are stored, both inside a warehouse and directly at the sides of a specific manufacturing line. The labels to be applied can be downloaded from the site www.aignep.com. The procedure is very simple and fast in this case, too: you directly browse the web pages of single products or relative families, here is indicated the apposite icon to be downloaded. Each label contains the product name, its specific QR code, the design of the product itself and, on demand, the code of the user company as well, enabling a possible customization. The product picture on the label is useful for the operator if the container positioned sideways a manufacturing line was empty: so it is possible to achieve visually the immediate component indication. The labels downloadable from the site are available in two printing formats, purposely sized to be applied on commercial drawers: one for standard labellers and one in A4-format, where you can cut them out, printing them with a standard printer.

How sending the order

A calling card is unnecessary to use AignepScan since the APP operates in wireless mode. Since it is an industrial and non-consumer application, and to grant the protection of the user company, a password provided by Aignep to protect its use is necessary.  Everything is in the name of user friendliness and cheapness. The APP can be set according to the place where you are, setting its language. All over the world, the operator who manages the warehouse or the production line is just requested to scan the product code, to introduce the demanded quantity and to send the order. The APP also allows storing and grouping more orders in memory; they will be sent in a single step. Once forwarded by the instrument, the order reaches via mail Aignep and simultaneously the purchase office of the user company. The mail has an Excel file enclosed, with the order already filled in, ready to be input into the system in real time without typing in the specifications again. The APP memory stores also the entire chronicle of the orders.