An extended range of grippers dedicated to handling 

The efficiency of handling operations and the productivity of industrial automation are two factors that are increasingly linked to one another. To best meet the needs of the market, Camozzi presents its expanded range of solutions dedicated to handling that represents the right mix of performance, reliability and flexibility. One of these new solutions regards the self-centering parallel grippers with double ball bearing guide of the Series CGPS, suitable for the handling of smaller articles. Thanks to the use of a high performance and precise force transmission system and a double ball bearing guide, the gripper Series CGPS are able to provide high gripping forces, guaranteeing high repeatability and robustness (resistance to external static and dynamic loads). The large range of sizes available allows to find the best solution for every handling need. The gripper can be supplied with bushes and centering plugs with tolerance h8 which, once positioned on the body and/or on the jaws, are able to guarantee, during maintenance, a high interchangeability of the grippers and of the extensions. Today the requirements to follow in the field of handling are miniaturization, the development of components dedicated to specific sectors or realized upon specific requirements of the client (special/customized), the flexibility and adaptability, maximum precision and competitiveness in terms of cost. The wide range of Camozzi grippers is certainly able to best meet all these requirements.