Atam paves the way for a new coil generation

Atam paves the way for a new coil generation: the new 257 coil with Atex and IECEx certifications for Zone 1 gas and dust and for applications up to M2.

Encapsulated coil and industrial connector specialist ATAM presents a new solution: the 257 ATEX and IECEx approved coil for Zone 1 gas and dust and for applications up to M2. This new product complements the already wide range of encapsulated and explosion proof coils designed by ATAM for use in potentially explosive environments.

The 257 coil addresses highly demanding pneumatic applications and meets all the necessary approvals to ensure maximum safety of use, even in mining environments.

The new coil by ATAM features a UL approved housing to improve protection to the internal components including a precision thermo fuse placed in direct contact with the outer surface of the coil encapsulation. The encapsulation material has an improved resistance profile to meet all three Glow Wire Tests for flame resistance, while the domestic applications are guaranteed by the requirements of ISO EN 60335-1.

The new version is also enhanced by an important characteristic: it can be supplied with any cable length in order to allow customers to connect the valve efficiently.

ATAMā€™s next-generation products are the result of the technical synergy between the development and production of encapsulated coils and industrial connections and a state-of-the-art laboratory. This allows ATAM to simulate the combined use of coil and connector, under any condition, resulting in optimal solutions in terms of reliability, quality and affordability.