Bucher Hydraulics: innovative open centre directional control valves

In a market in strong turmoil, characterized by the ever-growing commitment to the implementation of the new Stage V motors, we can identify, in mobile applications, a clear trend: the rising use of electric and electronic components. With the advent on the market of electric and hybrid machines, equipped with endothermic motor and electric motor, the use of proportional electric controls in the operational hydraulics, permitting the motion management in remote or from cabin, allows improving the machine ergonomics and controlling more motions simultaneously: improving end usersā€™ comfort is then the clear target pursued by the most attentive manufacturers, even keeping price, maintenance costs, energy consumption, safety and reliability under control. From this vision stem the new products by Bucher Hydraulics, and in particular the new open centre directional control valves: HDS16, for flow rates up to 65 l/min, and HDS12 for flow rates up to 50 l/min. Designed to comply with the new safety regulations, they are available with a mix of manual, hydraulic and electric controls, both piloted and direct, the latter operating at full flow rate and pressure. The new born series in the HDS family, mutually combinable, provide excellent flexibility for the numerous and more and more challenging market demands, without compelling manufacturers to use LS valves in systems with fixed pump, hybrid solution with unfavourable energy balance compared to the open centre.