Custom CD® Couplings balancing from Zero-Max

Demanding Motion Applications Require Dynamic Coupling Balancing 

Motion system designers facing challenging high speed operation will find Zero-Max’s CD® Coupling dynamic balancing services offer a solution.

Static balanced by design for most applications, CD couplings also can be dynamically balanced to a specified, higher level required by the design of the machine in which the coupling operates. Typical speeds range from 5000 to 10,000 RPM with more exotic designed going higher than 25,000 RPM.  Often customer request a specific balance specification such as G2.5 (ISO 1940) as well as others.

Custom CD Coupling balancing is available from Zero-Max. Custom dynamic balancing ensures high speed, vibration free coupling operation in demanding applications.

Zero-Max’s step-by-step process includes balancing individual components of the coupling assembly or the complete coupling assembly.  A custom arbor is precision machined onto which the coupling to be balanced is mounted. Then the coupling is installed in the company’s Schenck HM3BU balancing system. Rotated at the programmed testing speed, any resulting imbalance is measured precisely in angle and magnitude. The imbalance is eliminated and the coupling is tested again to verify balance. When necessary, the process steps are repeated until the desired balance level is achieved.

Typical applications for balancing CD couplings include dynamometers, high speed printing and paper converting systems, wind turbines, precision grinding machines, test machinery, automated balancing systems and high speed spindle applications, to name a few.

Combining high performance design features, materials and precision, Zero-Max CD Couplings are precise, robust and available in full range of sizes – including custom designs. They feature clamp style hubs for easy installation, operate with zero-backlash, handle misalignment and have low inertia – high torsional stiffness. Their sleek, robust design provides maintenance free long operating life.

For more information on custom balancing Zero-Max CD Couplings, call 1-800-533-1731. Outside US and Canada, call 763-546-4300. Fax: 763-546-8260.

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