Electronic pressure switches

Compact design and IP67 protection degree

Fig3_PrecisionBarksdale introduces the brand-new series for pressure, temperature, level and flow rate. This new electronic pressure switch called BPS3000 offers countless possibilities and new solutions, being perfect for the most demanding applications. The stainless steel casing makes it suitable for harsh industrial environments and shipbuilding applications.

The pressure switch is characterized by a panel with 99 mm height and a 40 mm diameter that allows its compact installation. Its angled design is aesthetically appealing and performing. With its 9 mm of height and 14 LED segments, the four-digit alphanumeric display allows a good readability. Even if the device is mounted upside down, an easy reading of the display is granted by the internal software. Thanks to the display and to the 320 °-swivelling electrical connection, the assembly and the installation will be as simple as a walk in the park. In addition to this peculiarity, the pressure which is equipped with IP65/IP67 protection, display panel included, which permits the installation in exacting and wet environments.

Six standard ranges cover the measuring fields from 0… 10 bars to 0… 600 bars. Solutions with fields upon demand (ex. -1… + 9 bars) are available for customized versions. The pressure switches of the BPS3000 series are available with various process attachments. Among the options, besides their main commutation function, the pressure switches of the BPS3000 series offer analogue output signals in the format 4… 20 mA or 0… 10 V.

For further information: www.precisionfluid.it