Energy-efficiency and maintenance-free quality

Drive belts for agricultural implements

Drive belts are indispensable components in modern agricultural machinery thanks to their energy-efficiency and maintenance-free quality. The ContiTech Power Transmission Group has developed two new V-belts specially tailored for the extreme demands of agricultural engineering.

ContiTech V-belts are up to ensuring the right power transmission in agricultural machinery and withstanding harsh ambient conditions. The new type of the high-performance Conti-V Varispeed wide V-belt was specially developed for the kind of variator and variomatic drives used in nearly all agricultural implements. In order to transmit high power safely, the EPDM-based belt has a low-stretch aramid tensile member. The belt is maintenance-free and temperature-stable from -30°C to +140°C.

The new specification of the Conti-V Multibelt renders it particularly well suited as clutch belt. Thanks to its friction-reduced texture, the high-performance multiple V-belt ensures gentle and silent clutching. The belt’s transverse cord reinforcement ensures high lateral stiffness, allowing for safe transmission of large loads, too.

The two new belts are now part of ContiTech’s comprehensive product portfolio. Customers can choose from a full selection of drive belts for machine and plant engineering – everything from one source – worldwide.

Some time ago, ContiTech already expanded the range of available lengths for polyurethane high-performance timing belts, extending the advantages of these belts to additional applications. The Conti Synchrochain  transmits maximum power,  including in agricultural implements. The belt’s special construction and ultra stretch- and tear-resistant material mix accounts for its application diversity. The belt is an ideal alternative to chain drives. It is maintenance-free and there is no risk of floor fouling due to leaking oil.