EB80, a new approach to pneumatic solenoid valve islands       

EB80 is a new electro-pneumatic system by Metalwork that encompasses solenoid valves, power supply, digital or analogue input or output signal control in a single unit. The product is the result of lengthy research aimed at understanding customer needs and converting them into solutions; which explains the motto presenting the EB80: “Driven by customers, designed by Metal Work”. EB80 can be handled with numerous field buses, including EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet POWERLINK and CANopen. The EB80 can accommodate multi-function pneumatic solenoid valves with pneumatic connections in the diameter range of 4 to 8 mm. Flow rate up to 800 Nl/min. The maximum number of controls for valves is 128. The signal management modules can handle up to 128 DI+128 DO+40 AI+40AO = 336 signals. Patents and utility models ensure protection of the most innovative solutions. Full information on reliability, warehouse and spare parts management, maintenance, environmental protection, energy saving, certifications, customisation and applicative examples can be viewed in the EB80 dedicated website: http://www.metalwork.it/eb80.html