Effective and innovative filtering solutions by Fai Filtri


Since 1974, Fai Filtri has proposed effective and innovative filtering solutions for the sectors of earth handling, agriculture, compressed air, industrial and EDM.  In the factory headquartered at Pontirolo Nuovo (Bergamo, Italy), Fai Filtri production reaches almost 2,000,000 pieces yearly, subdivided into 5 product ranges. It can boast over 800 customers operating in the world, distributed by 80% abroad and by 20% in Italy. Fai Filtri avails itself of a diffused net of resellers and distributors, and it is represented by its branches in the most important strategic areas: Fai Filtri Canada, Fai Filtri USA and Fai Filtri Malaysia. Flexibility, customer care and constant improvement of production and services are further boosted by the huge investments lavished by Fai Filtri over the last few years resulting in both the turnover and global visibility development. The most recent investment consists in the enhancement of the Spin-On production line, always core business of Fai Filtri: today it is a fully automated line, with 100% controls and a productivity rise that reaches 1,700,000 Spin-On yearly. Moreover, Fai Filtri has notably implemented the stocking capacity, meanwhile reaching the target of assuring the good receipt within 48 hours to its customers. The most adequate word to describe the most salient characteristic of Fai Filtri is certainly Partnership, always ranking first in its business DNA: the demand fulfilment, the project development, the transparency of relationships in every manufacturing phase absolutely demonstrate the complete synergy with its customers.