Experience in packaging

Pneumax solutions dedicated to the packaging sector are characterized by high quality, they conform to the most up-to-date performance standards and allow an easy integration with the other forefront technologies, both in standard executions and in case of customization for specific applications.

In each ambit of the packaging & PET world (inspection, selection, filling, shaping, palletizing, labelling, weighing and packaging and so on) the Italian company Pneumax proposes the right technical and circuit solution, granting utmost efficiency and reducing installation costs and energy consumptions, too.

The quality of the products offered by Pneumax assures operational efficiency in each application. The wide range allows selecting the right size of each component and includes actuators, valves and plant accessories to grant the best result in terms of performances, cost and overall dimensions.


Micro-cylinders series 1200 STD E MIR

They are the most widespread linear actuators in common use because, thanks to their small sizes, they find application in the most different sectors, from packaging to textile, from wood working machines to the ceramic sector and so on. They are light, sturdy and aesthetically pleasant.

ISO 15552 “Ecoplus” cylinders Series 1396

The Ecoplus cylinder, manufactured according to ISO 15552 regulations, is available in two versions: Ecoplus “T” with high-resistance thermoplastic material head caps; ECOPLUS “M” with die-cast aluminium head caps. All versions are provided with anti-noise elastic bumper.

ISO 21287 “Ecompact” compact cylinders

They feature clean design, with aluminium head caps and edges carefully rounded. Different versions are available, also in the type with patented pneumatic adjustable end-stroke amortization system. Available borings are: Ø20, Ø25, Ø32, Ø40, Ø50, Ø63, Ø80, Ø100.

ISO 21287 “Ecompact” compact cylinders.

“Ecoflat” compact cylinders

It provides possible installation in all those applications where spaces are narrow. The main characteristic is represented by the inner tube shape with rectangular section. Available in base version and with through-rod having male or female threads, it can be supplied with magnetic or non-magnetic piston. They are all equipped with anti-noise elastic bumpers.

Rodless cylinders without accessories

Small overall dimensions keeping the stroke unchanged; they are slightly longer than the stroke itself. Exceptional sturdiness of the piston – carriage with support and guide pads widely sized to withstand strong stresses; fixing system with steel bands ensures long life to the cylinder even in presence of high temperatures and speeds

Complete manipulation range

Line of products for manipulation, gripping and handling. The series includes slides, parallel or angular pneumatic grippers, self-centring grippers, translation units with integrated guide device, too, rotary tables etc.


Solenoid valves 300 DA 10 E15 MM

Direct operated solenoid valves constitute the interface between pneumatics and electronics. As a matter of fact, they can be operated by an electrical signal and in their turn generate a pneumatic signal, directly usable for small users or for the control of bigger capacity pneumatic distributors.

Distributors and electrodistributors Series 2000

Designed to satisfy the need of integrating pneumatics with control electronics and/or serial systems. Easy assembly in groups or islands equipped with integrated electrical connection. Three sizes with 10, 18 and26 mmwidth, in two different typologies named “LINE” and “VDMA”.

Electrodistributors Series Optyma32-S

It encloses in12.5 mmall characteristic strong points of the Optyma generation of solenoid valves, still standing out for the assembly on modular basis, with the complete management of electrical control signals integrated inside.

Electrodistributors Series Optyma 32-T

It is characterized by the pneumatic connections directly fitted on the sub-base. The direct integration with field bus is provided. Possible management of input signals through modules that can be assembled also in batteries that do not use field buses. The wide use of the technopolymer allows reducing the overall weight.

Accessories and serial systems for Optyma and Enova

Special modules for interconnection with PROFIBUS DP, CANopen, DeviceNet and EtherCAT communication protocols, magnetic sensors, multi-pole electrical connections integrated on groups of solenoid valves, electronic components for special applications.

Serial systems for Enova.

Electrodistributors Series Enova

Innovation, rationality, design, high performances in compact sizes. Each single valve element integrates all functions, both electrical and pneumatic, needed to compose a group of solenoid valves. Configuration of the solenoid valve isle without limits.

Electrodistributor Series Optyma-S.

Valves and solenoid valves Series 700 E T700

Solenoid poppet valves and solenoid valves for Air and Vacuum (G1/2”, G3/4” and G1”); the use of the highly resistant thermoplastic material with which components are moulded makes the product aesthetically pleasant, with much lighter weights than the standard version and with technical and functional improvements.

Plant accessories    

Miniaturized pressure reduction gears

They find application in the regulation of the pressure of the secondary branches of pneumatic circuits. They are suitable for use between valve and cylinder with the possibility of screwing them directly on the mouths of use or the valve or of composing some batteries of regulators to allow their better management. Available in the version for rod G1/8” with ring with female thread G 1/8” and G 1/4” or automatic fitting for tube Ø4, Ø6 and Ø8.

Airplus range, sizes 1, 2 and 3

Flexibility, easy installation, performances and low cost. The Airplus series is conceived and developed paying particular attention to the simplicity and rapidity of installation and to better performances. Today available in three sizes.

Proportional pressure regulators

521 “Five to One”, is the new range of proportional pressure regulators designed in such a way as to enable the user to control the desired value in numerous modalities, already available in the standard version. Available with CANopen protocol management, too.

P+ pressure multiplier

Compact and clean design, with small overall dimensions and low weight. It uses the same compressed air of the pneumatic plant as driving fluid, it does not need any electrical power supply, it is easily installed and allows increasing the value of the operating pressure in any point of the plant wherever necessary, maintaining the rest of the plant at the line pressure.