Filling plugs and breathers with strainer

The two new series TMDF/FC/70 and TMDV/FC/DS70 with technopolymer PA 66, made by the Italian company Miselli, have been designed for the use in dusty environments and in mobile applications.

Style: “miselli”

Quality, flexibility and customer care: these are the highlights on which Miselli Srl has bet to be successful and to grow in the hydraulics market, standing out both in Italy and abroad. The company avails itself of the collaboration of a net of distributors both on the domestic and on European and non-European markets, from the United States to Canada, from South Africa to Australia, and in the last years the export percentage of the turnover has reached the 40% share. The company, which can boast fifty years of experience in the hydraulics sector, especially OE, operates in Reggio Emilia. In 2004, to satisfy its customers’ growing demands, the company has enhanced its productive capacity establishing a new production plant at Prato di Correggio (RE) and in 2015 the two factories were joined in a single headquarter taking up 2,300 sq.m., of which 1,800 sq. m. of manufacturing surface and 500 sq.m. of offices, still located at Reggio Emilia. The main OE sectors – which represent about 50% of the turnover- supplied with Miselli products, are hydraulics plants, components and accessories, mechanical transmission gears, pumps for agriculture and high-pressure water pumps, compressors, machines and equipment for the agriculture.

Miselli srl, within its broad range of accessories for hydraulic components, proposes the new line of filling plugs and breathers with strainer series TMDF/FC/70 and TMDV/FC/DS70. These two breather plugs, made of technopolymer PA 66, are supplied with bayonet coupling, safety chain, fixing flange with 6 galvanized steel holes and oil strainer made of polypropylene that allows retaining impurities when the hydraulic fluid is refilled in the tank. The TMDF/FC/70 free vent model is supplied with air filter of polyurethane foam, with 10 or 40 micron filtering degree, and allows the passage of an air volume up to 36,000 air litres /hour. The breather plugs of the TMDV/FC/DS70 series are equipped with 40 microns air filter and an internal “double valve” pressurization system, which allows keeping the pressure constant inside the reservoir. In the fluid extraction phase, when the liquid level inside the reservoir decreases, the airflow towards the interior is adjusted by the suction valve; in the phase of fluid input into the reservoir, the level rises again and the internal overpressure generated is adjusted in output by the exhaust valve, calibrated at 0.35 bars (5 PSI). The regulated pressurization system, reducing the air volumes entering the reservoir, consequently decreases the input of impurities from the outside, keeping the internal liquid cleaner and then granting a correct operation of the hydraulic system. Their use is suggested for applications in dusty environments and mobile applications, since the vent valve reduces the risk of accidental oil leaks; besides, the correct operation of the pressurization system avoids the occurrence of deformations of the reservoir walls.