Available in 111 dimensions

First plastic plain bearings in all standard sizes immediately available from stock

Find self lubricating plain bearings made of the material iglidur G online easily and take delivery within 24 hours.PM3015-1_iglidur G

Since the beginning of the year, igus is engaged in a comprehensive standard offensive and now offers a total of 15 full-range materials in 113 dimensions up to 50 millimetres in diameter. The iglidur G is and for the time being remains the standard of the standards, available in 111 dimensions. As a best-selling iglidur material it has both the largest catalogue range for shaft diameters ranging from 1 to 150 mm and the best price-performance ratio for classic plain bearings applications. It is best suited for medium to high loads, medium surface speeds and long-term application temperature of – 40°C to 130°C. iglidur G stands out not least because of its high resistance to wear and its insensitivity to dust and dirt, making it well equipped for a variety of applications, from spades to sausage toasters. Users can find the correct options and dimensions at the following link: www.igus.eu/G