The mission of F.lli Giacomello: highest quality standards

Flowswitches: total visibility and utmost sturdiness

Fig2_GiacomelloThe constant research activity of the company’s technical staff aims at the achievement of the highest quality standards.The mission of F.lli Giacomello is in fact to launch on the market products able to monitor and to visualize the fluid passage in the most precise and reliable way.

This happens with products like SCF, flow switches designed to control the circulation of liquids and highly suitable for the flow of water, oils, petrol, gas oil and all other liquids, except corrosive liquids.

The technical characteristics of SCF make them particularly sturdy and able to grant a total visibility.

The body is made of chromed zinc brass alloy with hexagonal boss and internal thread for the connection. Besides, they are equipped with reversible propeller in nylon glass and Pirex glass tube.

The maximum operating temperature is 90°C with nitrile seal while adopting Viton seals it is possible to reach 130°. Possibility of aluminium propeller.