FMV Mechanical Transmissions, more than grooved pulleys       

The Italian company FMV company was established as foundry at half Sixties, period in which it implements different typologies of aluminium shell mould castings. Afterwards, to satisfy the local market’s demands, especially the production sector of building machinery, the company evolves and starts specializing in the production of grooved pulleys in aluminium alloy, carrying out the whole working process up to the finished product, ready for the installation.

During the Seventies the company undertakes a growth process and extends its activity entering new sectors as well, like agricultural machines, electric motors, pumps and others, with the target of definitively approaching the market as manufacturing reality operating not only in the casting but also in the production and finishing of belt transmission elements.

FMV considers Quality and environment protection essential elements for its entrepreneurial strategy. To this end, they have set up an Integrated Management System (Quality and Environment) conforming to the UNI EN ISO 9001 and 14001 regulation, ed. 2004.

The company produces over 2000 different typologies of aluminium alloy grooved pulleys manufactured in compliance with UNI regulations, with the following characteristics:

  • Pitch diameter ranging from mm. 40 to mm. 550, with 1/2/3/4 grooves, sections A-SPA, B-SPB, Z-SPZ
  • With finished central holes
  • With locking threaded holes and passing-by holes for fastening pins
  • poly-v and flat grooved pulleys

In addition to the production of pulleys, it manufactures other components, all in aluminium alloy and machined upon design. Such production is allowed by a very flexible in-house technical office and by a foundry department able to develop tailor-made components and cutting-edge machine tools.

F.M.V. approaches in fact the market in very flexible manner, facing innovations and challenges with passion, so that its production is fruit also of a real collaboration relationship, established between production heads and buyers.