Ceba Ingranaggi chose a new C.L.C. hobbing machine

Gear toothing up to 3,000 mm-diameter

The constant technological upgrading allows not only improving the final product quality but also optimizing cycle times and resources. As in the case of Ceba Ingranaggi, an Italian company that every year lavishes huge investments in the various departments and that, among the latest, counts also a new hobbing machine able to machine gears with maximum diameter of 3 metres.

Detail of a component machining on a new hobbing machine.
Detail of a component machining on a new hobbing machine.

Great specialization, attention to the product and process quality and constant technological upgrading. These are the distinguishing points around which Ceba Ingranaggi has developed its activity in the production of gears, worm screws, racks, toothed pulleys, grooved shafts and any grinding type. We are talking about a family-owned company but always oriented to a managerial running able to grant utmost flexibility and, at the same time, to provide prompt answers to its customers also thanks to a motivated staff composed by around thirty employees.

«It might not be different – states Fabrizio Cesana, owner with his sister Loretta, met at their headquarters at Carate Brianza (Monza Brianza, Italy) – due to a more and more demanding market from all points of view. Precisely for this reason we are always committed to trying to make our work cycle leaner and more efficient, starting from the provisioning of raw materials, accomplishing the various and necessary machining processes up to the delivery of the machined component».

A dynamic approach that has allowed not only mitigating the effects due to the socio-economic instability that plays a protagonist role over the last few years, but also seizing new growth opportunities and consolidating the market position. As confirmed by the administrative department, the 2014-year ended for Ceba with a positive balance sheet and the same trust is placed for 2015, too.

Gear toothing up to 3,000 mm-diameter

As already underlined, the constant technological upgrading plays a fundamental role for the company. Just in this context, Fabrizio Cesana in person confirms that every year new machine tools and accessory instruments are introduced in the various departments, both as widening and completion of the possible machining operations and as replacement with more upgraded and performing models.

«Among the recent purchases – Cesana further specifies – stands out also a new hobbing machine, NC plant able to machine gears with maximum diameters of 3,000 mm».

We are specifically referring to a machine supplied by C.L.C., at Cadelbosco Sopra (Reggio Emilia, Italy), which completes a diversified equipment that enables Ceba to implement gear cutting from module 1 to module 30, with a diameter included between 10 and 3,000 mm, besides grinding elements with maximum diameter of 2,200 mm, still module 30, with profile grinders.

The new hobbing machine recently bought by Ceba Ingranaggi at Carate Brianza (MB) allows the machining of gears with maximum diameter of 3,000 mm.
The new hobbing machine recently bought by Ceba Ingranaggi at Carate Brianza (Monza, Italy) allows the machining of gears with maximum diameter of 3,000 mm.

«Like other machines that we have bought in time, too – adds Cesana – also the new hobbing machine has been developed according to our precise and specific indications, in order to optimize process times and methods in compliance with our needs».

The reason for this new buying is the constant growing demand for gears with bigger and bigger diameters, together with positive signs coming from fields that were suffering short ago, like machine tools and especially the sheet metal working industry, with the need then of increasing the productive capacity.

«Productive capacity – underlines Cesana – that soon we will further increase thanks to the integration of new other machines, witnessing the constant and continuous investments in technology and innovation to which we have always dedicated attention and resources».

Besides the new 3,000 mm hobbing machine already operating for some months, Ceba has in fact already planned the start-up, within next September, also of a new gear cutting machine (for diameters up to 1,500 mm) and a new grinding machine for machining elements with maximum 2,000 mm diameter.

«An enlargement of the machine fleet – adds Cesana – that will allow satisfying with higher flexibility the automotive industry, too, which for some time has been living interesting recovery signs, in addition to the always active field of the manufacturers of packaging plants, of paper mills and wind power. The latter unfortunately does not concern the Italian market but the foreign one, which we address both directly with our customers and with indirect supplies».

View of machining of eccentric wheel for M12 Z180 press;
View of machining of eccentric wheel for M12 Z180 press.

Ceba exports in fact about 30% of its turnover not only in Europe but also in Asia (with higher prevalence in India and Iran) and in North Africa.

«Saudi Arabia, too, has recently given us great satisfactions – adds Cesana – thanks to a job order consisting of a notable number of spare gears destined to some steelworks. Order that is likely to be repeated again and for which we will be even prompter, in virtue of the productive enhancement on which we are betting».

Man-machine synergy

Ceba pays great attention not only to the productive capacity but also to quality, granted by equipment on machine board, by a 6-axis Zeiss centre and by new human resource engagements.

«We have hired a young student – explains Cesana – who collaborates with the personnel taking care of the quality control process in the various job orders».

It is worth highlighting that, with a focus on youth, Ceba periodically welcomes young coming from technical high schools, for training stages, with the target of offering opportunities to those who are still highly interested in mechanics.

detail of M18 Z80 bronze crown.
Detail of M18 Z80 bronze crown.

«We have instead planned for July – adds Cesana – the employment of a young engineer whose role will be taking care of the management ambit still concerning quality, but especially from the regulation, supervision and assessment point of view».

An optimization process of the various operational phases constantly evolving, already started some years ago.

«They are small and continuous solutions – adds Cesana – aimed at making our activity faster and more precise, to transfer its benefits to full advantage of our customers. Today, for instance, we can provide digital information about each single job order, since the first contact to the intermediate machining phase and up to the delivery».

A total traceability allowed by the adopted barcode technology and soon enjoyed also in remote by hierarchical accesses controlled (and customized) via web, as well as by specific applications for smartphones and tablets.

«An opportunity– ends Fabrizio Cesana – in line with what today the market asks for: utmost flexibility but at the same time certain answers where converge product quality and suitable productive capacity, too».





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