Ironcore motors offers high forces and smooth operation

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has recently introduced the R-Series ironcore linear motor.  Suitable for demanding applications that require high forces in sectors such as print, medical, machining and machine tools, the new motors offer forces ranging from 40 N continuous up to 7433 N peak.R7

Featuring anti cogging technology for ultra smooth operation, the R-Series ironcore motors are direct drive actuators.  The motion is generated without the need for mechanical transmission elements such as ball screws, toothed belts or gearboxes, all of which can present installation, operation and maintenance challenges combined with increased costs.

Based on ironcore technology the series offers the highest possible force available per unit volume in comparison to other motor technologies available.  What’s more, due to the fact that the design features only one row of magnets they represent excellent value for money.  Thanks to laminations and the large surface area, heat dissipation is maximised therefore guaranteeing better performance.

The series is available in four sizes and delivers high forces in a wide range of speeds up to 7 m/s. The R-Series motor connector modules allow quick and easy installation whilst reducing overall maintenance cost. Digital Hall effect sensors are incorporated into the connector module and an internal thermal cut out switch protects the coil. Ultra-high-flex cable comes as standard and in addition, Parker offers modular magnet tracks between 160 mm and 240 mm that can be combined to create unrestricted travel lengths. R-Series series is designed to provide optimum performance when matched to Parker 230 VAC servo drives, thus providing highly dynamic and efficient control.