Just a Click to Calculate Complete Gearboxes

GWJ Technology GmbH is one of the German providers of calculation software for machine elements, especially for gearings. GWJ has now released a new system add-on to the popular calculation software eAssistant. The software is on the market for more than ten years now.Fig1_GWJ

The eAssistant SystemManager allows for a fast and easy design of complete systems of machine elements. The application ranges from simple systems (e.g., single shaft or coaxial shafts with bearings and loads) to complex systems (e.g., multi-stage gearboxes with and without power split, manual gearboxes, any types of planetary gear trains).

Simplicity, clarity and accuracy – the eAssistant SystemManager has tremendous advantages. It is clean, simple and easy to use. It brings clarity to the calculation of complex systems and helps to reduce errors. The use of the eAssistant SystemManager results in an enormous increase of efficiency during dimensioning, recalculation,

optimization or checking different configurations. Load spectra including different switch positions can be defined on system level. The eAssistant SystemManager allows the

calculation of eigenfrequencies. Mode shafts are animated in 3D for easier identification of modes. The user interface provides overview over gear safeties and bearing life.

Various result graphics, for example equivalent stress, deflection, 3-D deformation or power flow are available. The load distribution over the facewidth of gear pairs gives a hint for necessary lead corrections. By taking into consideration non-linear bearing stiffness, the calculation of statically indetermined/aduste bearing arrangement is possible. Calculation reports can be automatically created with just a mouse click.

The eAssistant SystemManager is successfully in use in the gear manufacturing and automobile racing industry.

A test version is now available and can be requested by contacting GWJ by telephone +49 (0) 531 / 129 399-0 or Internet