Lubrication-free plastic ball bearings conquer more and more useful territories

igus expands its standard range of xiros ball bearings for applications ranging from food to handling technology

The motion plastics specialist igus has once again expanded its range of polymer ball bearings and now offers in series six different race materials in the most common dimensions from stock. With the combination of different race, ball and cage materials, users get their appropriate ball bearings.


Ball bearings made of plastic are often a better alternative to metallic solutions, since they are lightweight, are low cost and clean and at the same time have a long service life. To provide an even greater choice to its customers, the motion plastics specialist igus has now expanded its range of dirt-resistant and lubricant-free xiros polymer grooved ball bearings by additional DIN sizes. Whether FDA compliant, electrically insulating, anti-static or resistance to media and temperature, users have six different race materials, four cage materials and three ball materials at their disposal.

To make your way through the full range simpler, igus offers easy to use online tools to choose, configure and order. Three steps and a few clicks on are enough to configure your ideal xiros ball bearing: Find your matching ball bearing according to the material properties, enter application parameters and calculate service life using the “xiros expert” – the order can then be placed online. For example, by using glass or polymer balls, the option of a non magnetic metal free solution is possible. For the cage, which holds the rolling element in position, the PA (polyamide), PP (propylene), PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and xirodur B180 specialty plastics are available, which can be perfectly adapted to the respective application. This is regardless of the fact whether your requirement profile calls for hardness, wear resistance, chemical resistance, electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance. The same also applies to the race material. Whether low priced (xirodur B180) or abrasion resistant (xirodur S180), wear-resistant at high rotational speeds (xirodur D180) or resistant to chemicals (xirodur C160), anti-static (xirodur F180) or heat-resistant and FDA compliant (xirodur A500). All these material options are available in the scope of the range expansion in dimensions from 3 up to 30 millimetres in inner diameter. In addition, roller bearings with up to 60 millimetres in inner diameter are also available.