M.W.M. FRENI FRIZIONI: Tailored components

Flexibility as distinguishing trait. The Italian company M.W.M. FRENI FRIZIONI studies and manufactures “tailored” mechanical elements suiting customers’

requirements. a study case.

A leader company in the design and construction of North Sea fishing boats has demanded M.W.M. FRENI FRIZIONI the supply of a clutch permitting the shift from the traditional diesel system (generally used) to the possibility of navigating in electric modality. Today the hybrid propulsion (diesel-electric) is spreading also on fishing boats, especially due to reliability advantages. The ship can easily change from one modality to the other and also travel in protected marine areas without impacts on the environment. MWM engineers have customized a special electromagnetic toothed clutch.

Such clutch is normally closed (negative type and with spring pressure) and allows the motion transmission from the diesel motor to the electric motor (which operates as generator to recharge batteries and to power utilities).

In case of malfunction of the diesel motor or if necessary (for instance: when entering ports) the clutch is powered at 96 Vdc, to disconnect the traditional motor and to operate the electric motor, so that the boat can return to the harbor in full autonomy.

The special electromagnetic toothed clutch, developed by MWM engineers.


  • Transmitted torque: 3,200 Nm
  • rpm max: for peaks up to 2,800 rpm
  • Normally clutched (Negative): to avoid overheating caused by the coil power and the high revolution number
  • Resistant to corrosion: fully protected by chemical 25-micron nickel-plating
  • Special elastic joint with high power of vibration damping and suitable for compensating the slight defects of alignment between shafts
  • Compact design
  • Power supply: 96 Vdc