New calculation possibilities

MDESIGN 2016 is now available

The most outstanding innovations of MDESIGN 2016 are new calculation possibilities of vertical shafts and extensions to FKM guideline (MDESIGN shaft). Also new is the consideration of flange bolts and bolts in inch dimension (MDESIGN bolt). Besides the revision of existing standards in the field of splined joints made it necessary to revise our serrated shaft module to guarantee norm actuality and to offer engineering tools to the current state of technology.MDESIGN_2016_Version

Aside from new applications existing functions have been extended. This includes the integration of user database for roller bearings (MDESIGN bearing), improved input options for load spectrum as well as the orderly grouping of input and output values to increase clarity.

Furthermore the update function has been optimized so that the user doesn´t miss any software updates and new functions can be used immediately.

Our MDESIGN libraries and modules are available in the usual clearly-structured order, but can be optionally selected from a tile surface now. This tile- surface improves the operability with touch surfaces and the user-friendliness clearly.

Service customers receive the new version automatically on CD and they can download MDESIGN 2016 online at our support forum. If you are interested in the new release without being a service customer yet, you can request a 30 days free trial version HERE.