Camozzi has developed a range of products and solutions that meet customers’ needs

More competitive together with customers

Today it is difficult to buy the right component, in the right place, at the right time; not only a standard component but instead a customized solution for a specific application.Apertura

The market has changed, it is no longer sufficient to approach customers as a supplier from which they buy components according to criteria that can be of performance type or of other kind. Today suppliers are expected to work side by side with their customers like real partners, proposing the most suitable solutions for their specific application. Basic element is the study, very often carried out directly with clients, which allows implementing the solution able to meet their requirements at best, thanks to the combination of their respective know-how. All this to create added value both for customers and for suppliers because starting from design means the capability of optimizing production processes, installation and everything else, with benefits for both parties. To understand markets with their small/big differences, it is necessary to operate locally, to speak the same language, to communicate in person and not only through the indispensable digital systems that we all use daily.

With these words, Camozzi Spa summarizes the “global” spirit that today, like in the past, enlivens the Italian company. In that context, the 2014 offer by Camozzi is the result of strategies targeted to the creation of a strong synergy among the various business know-how and the complex market demands. Through the specialization of Product Managers and the sector competence of Business Development Managers, Camozzi has developed a range of products and solutions that meet customers’ needs in terms of quality and performances.

Miniaturised solenoid valves

The offer of solenoid valves is consolidated and completed by two new series: the Series K8B and CP.

Series K8B new pilot operated solenoid valves.
Series K8B new pilot operated solenoid valves.

The pilot operated solenoid valves K8B represent an evolution of the 8 mm solenoid valve Series K8 with flow rate amplifier. The very compact sizes and the high flow rates make these valves ideal for applications that need high performance and small overall dimensions. The directly-operated solenoid valves series CP are cartridge valves that use the proportional technology to obtain the best performances with vacuum, too. The Series K8 was devised to satisfy a trend where the demand for miniaturised components with integrated control is constantly growing. The continuous development of this solenoid valve represents a strategically important target for Camozzi because the Series K8 is used to pilot state-of-the art valves and to implement special solutions for the fluid control and in industrial applications. The Series K8 micro solenoid valve is a directly-operated 3/2 way and 2/2 way (NC/NO) cartridge valve with external diameter of 8 mm, ideally integrated in applications that require very narrow spaces, minimum weights and low consumptions. This micro solenoid valve and its K8B evolution are suggested for the use in industrial applications and portable instruments, for the Life Science sector and the fluid control, too.

The experience in the development of miniaturised solenoid valves for industries operating in highly demanding ambits, like the medical one, today grants the utmost precision and reliability of each single component to all customers. The micro solenoid valve Series K8B is available in the NC/NO 2/2 ways, 3/2 ways version and is characterized by small sizes and lightweight, low consumption, high dynamics and frequency, excellent flow rate/sizes ratio.

The evolution of the LR range

Series LRWD/LRPD digital proportional servo valves.
Series LRWD/LRPD digital proportional servo valves.

Still in the regulation field, a very recent example of Camozzi’s innovation capability is represented by the digital proportional servo valves of the series LRWD and LRPD, the evolution of the LR range passed from the analogue technology to the new fully  digital version, able to control and to manage pressure and flow rate. Like in the previous version, the core of this product is constituted by a rotary spool with a metal-on-metal seal, which allows a friction-free precise and dynamic control. The encoder connected with the spool permits a reliable rotation reading. This evolution has permitted not only to keep the already high valve performances unchanged, with 450 Nl and 690 Nl flow rates and maximum frequency of ± 50% FS 110 Hz but also to control directly all the functions of the valve through a high-resolution and high-speed internal encoder. The high microprocessor performances enable a notable speed of calculation and management of complex algorithms. The setup of operational parameters can be performed directly by the user thanks to an apposite configuration software that communicates with the valve through a USB port.

Two novelties for the air treatment

Precision and reliability are the main features that characterize other two novelties for the air treatment: the manually operated Series PR precision regulator and the Series PG digital pressure gauges.

Series PG digital pressure gauges.
Series PG digital pressure gauges.

The Series PR stands out for the high precision, the triple-membrane structure, the small sizes, the regulation shut off, the possibility of removing the regulation knob, three pressure ranges. These high-precision pressure regulators rely finally on an operation principle based on the force balance on three different membranes, a principle that allows them to react even to the slightest pressure variations that may occur during their use. The new Series PG digital pressure gauges meet the need of a higher and higher precision in the pressure regulation, especially in the ambit of proportional controls.

These pressure gauges can boast outstanding advantages like the battery power supply, fast and easy reading thanks to the digital display with backlighting, 4 measuring units programmable by the user, energy saving modality and resistance to dust and sprays. Thanks to the IP65 protection degree, they are ideal for applications in environments calling for the best protection, too.



Angular grippers available, too

Series RPGA sprue grippers.
Series RPGA sprue grippers.

The offer by Camozzi for 2014 is completed by Series RPGA and Series RPGB sprue grippers, available with several configurations to achieve always an optimal gripping.

The Series RPGA, available in the 12 and 20 mm sizes, includes angular not self-centring single-acting units, normally open in the models: flat finger, bent finger, short finger, flat finger with sensor slot, bent finger with sensor slot.

Thanks to the presence of a piston (12 or 20 mm) and to the direct force transfer from the piston to the fingers, the Series RPGA grants high clamping force and safe grip. The technical characteristics assure a high gripping force and make this series highly reliable in the removal of injection moulded items. Besides, the surface treatment of hard anodizing carried out on all metal components confers excellent resistance to wear. The models C and D are equipped with a finger on which is drawn a slot for the introduction of an inductive sensor. These grippers are compact and feature a very high clamping force.






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