Stucchi offers an extensive range of multicouplings

Multicouplings with zinc nickel plating treatment

The Italian company Stucchi now offers an extensive range of multicouplings to meet the growing and demanding needs of the market.

Having  used  quick-release  couplings  for many years, the mobile hydraulic market is now becoming extremely familiar with this technology. The quick coupling is a device that allows for the connection and disconnection of hydraulic fluid lines in a quick, easy and repetitive manner, without dispersion of oil into the work environment. In particular, quick couplings with flat-face technology are very much appreciated: through  the  use  of  retention  valves,  these products do not allow the release of a single drop  of  oil  on  disconnection  and  prevent the entry of air or dirt during connection. Founded  in  1960,  Stucchi  was  one  of  the first companies in Europe to introduce this technology several  decades ago, beginning a trend that has never slowed down. The next evolution of the flat face design concerns a particular family of hydraulic connections: Stucchi’s hydraulic multicouplings. This type of product brings quick couplings together in two plates that can  be  connected  mechanically with a manual  lever, enabling quick connection of all the hydraulic lines at the same time, instead  of  requiring  connection  one  by  one, line by line. By making it possible to connect  them  all  at  once,  with  one  single  movement, in a quicker and easier manner, it  immediately  becomes  clear  just  how  much  time  can  potentially  be  saved  with  these multicouplings. These  multicouplings  can  also  only  be  fitted  in  one  way,  offering  a  benefit  over  individual  couplers,  which  can  easily  be  accidentally  connected  to  the  wrong  line,  causing malfunctioning of the system. Stucchi’s  solution  to  the  problem  of  connection while there is residual pressure in   hydraulic   lines   has   previously   been   discussed  in  iVT  International.  This  is  a  common problem on construction sites, in public  works  vehicles  or  in  agricultural  mobile   machinery,   because   the   flexible   hoses can heat up from exposure to the sun or for a variety of other reasons, causing an increase  in  the  pressure  of  the  oil  in  the  hydraulic circuit and making it difficult, or even impossible, to connect the lines. This  ingenious  patented  multicoupling  therefore  provides  a  complete  solution.  A  special   decompression   valve   has   been   incorporated in the male coupling, making it  possible  to  connect  all  the  lines,  even  under residual pressure. The use of a lever  greatly reduces the effort required to make the   connection;   effort   that   is   already   decreased  by  the  presence  of  a  residual  pressure-relief valve.

Ceasing hostilities

The  two  connection  plates  are  made  of  a  metallic material (brass or aluminum) with surface  coatings  that  protect  the  product  from environmental corrosion. In the case of machines that frequently work in hostile environments,  such  as  salt  spreaders  and  other vehicles travelling on snowy roads in winter, this is seen as a critical problem by many manufacturers. The   locking   mechanism   of   Stucchi’s   multicouplings  consists  of  a  pair  of  high-tensile  carbon  steel  pins  mounted  on  the  mobile plate. These pins enter holes in the fixed plate when the mechanism is locked; a pair of cams in the fixed plate, moved by the connection lever, then pull on the pins of the mobile plate until the system is fully and securely connected. Connection is guaranteed by the shape of the cams as well as a safety mechanism that  keeps  the  multicoupling  in  its  locked  position  when  the  public  works  vehicle  is  in operation. The moving parts (pins and the relative cams) are surface-treated so as to guarantee maximum scratch resistance and corrosion protection.  This  is  achieved  through  the  use  of  a  special  heat  treatment  on  the  carbon steel of the components.

Zinc it over

The lever system (handle, lever, safety lock system)  is  made  from  carbon  steel  and  its  surface  is  plated  with  the  galvanic  zinc-  nickel  treatment.  This  is  a  special  surface  treatment already in use in the automotive sector, comprising a coating of an alloy of zinc   and   nickel   that   provides   superior   corrosion  resistance  in  comparison  with  the normal galvanic treatment of CR3 zinc plating. This treatment conforms with the European    Directives    2011/65/EU,    ELV    2000/53/EC  and  RAEE  2012/19/EU.  The  color is a peculiar, semi-gloss light gray.  Stucchi   has   selected   this   zinc-nickel   corrosion surface treatment after extensive internal tests, using the best laboratories as well as customer field tests. Following good results, it is now being used on the levers of DP-ZN and GR-ZN series multicouplers for hydraulic applications.

GR-ZN multicouplers are manufactured with  a  body  made  from  brass,  which  is  then nickel plated and a locking mechanism integrated  into  the  lever.  Up  to  10  lines  can   be   simultaneously   connected   and   disconnected with a safe, simple and quick movement  that  requires  low  effort.  The  lines  can  all  be  of  the  same  size,  or  each  line can be different from the rest, according to  the  application.  The  series allows  the  assembling of couplings in dimensions: 3/8 in (FAP9ZN), ½in, (FAP13ZN), 5/8 in (FAP15ZN), ¾in (FAP17ZN) and 1in (FAP21ZN). DP-ZN   is   Stucchi’s   compact   manual   multicouplings  series  that  offers  solutions  for  applications  that  require  connection  and  disconnection  of  hydraulic  lines  in  confined spaces. With an aluminum body, they   feature   a   locking   mechanism   on   the side of the fixed plate and are available for  sizes  3/8 in  (FAP9ZN),  ½in  (FAP13ZN),  5/8 in (FAP15ZN) and ¾in (FAP17ZN). With this  series,  it  is  possible  to  simultaneously  connect  and  disconnect  as  many  as  six  lines   with   a   safe,   simple   and   quick   movement requiring low effort. These  multiconnectors  use  the  FAP-ZN  coupling  series,  which  handle  operating  pressures  up  to  350  bar.  They  are  easily  mounted  on  the  plates  using  a  ‘nut  and  snap ring’ system, which is easily accessible for maintenance. FAP-ZN products are also coated  with  galvanic  zinc-nickel  plating,  guaranteeing  the  best  corrosion  resistance  for  harsh  working  environments  such  as  those mentioned above. An additional benefit of using Stucchi’s multicouplings arises from the possibilities they  offer  to  assemble  hydraulic  couplers  of different sizes on the same plate and, in particular, to integrate electrical connectors at the same time. That allows valve, signal control, lights or other electrical/electronic devices  to  be  connected  along  with  the  hydraulic hoses. Special  versions  of  quick  couplers  for  the company’s multicouplings also permit connection  of  fluid  lines  for  water,  glycol  and water, emulsions and cooling fluids, or air  for  pneumatic  circuits,  etc.  Each  plate  has  a  cap  and  parking  station  to  protect  from dust and damaging. Stucchi  now  offers  an  extensive  range  of  multicouplings,  to  meet  the  growing  demanding needs of the market.

Multicoupling series GR-ZN 

Multicoupling series GR-ZN.
Multicoupling series GR-ZN.
  • Body made in brass with Nickel plating treatment; locking mechanism integrated on the lever.
  • Up to ten lines can be simultaneously connected and disconnected by a safe, simple and quick movement requiring low effort. The lines can all have the same size or each line can be different from the others according to the application.
  • Available with dimensions : 3/8 (9), ½, (13), 5/8 (15), ¾ (17), 1” (21).
Multicoupling series DP-ZN
Multicoupling series DP-ZN.

Multicoupling series DP-ZN

  • “DP” is the compact manual multicouplings series that offer solutions for applications

requiring connection and disconnection of hydraulic lines in reduced spaces.

  • Body made in aluminium, they have the locking mechanism on the side of the fixed plate.
  • Available for size 3/8 (dimension 9) and size ½ (dimension13).
  • Up to four lines can be simultaneously connected and disconnected by a safe, simple and quick movement requiring low effort.



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