New configurations for Atam overmoulded connectors

New configurations for Atam overmoulded connectors. Available with IP69K protection degree, the new Atam range can be configured with different electronics circuits and also supplied with an output connector for plug-in installations»

Atam, specialist in the field of encapsulated coils and industrial connections for pneumatic and hydraulic applications, launched its expanded range of overmoulded connectors for solenoid valves.

Atam MB 63 connector

The newly available configurations can employ control circuits offering additional functions such as visual indication of correct  operation,  protection  against  overvoltage  and  transformation  from alternating  current  to  direct  current.  Furthermore, the terminal  part  of  the  cable  can  provide configurations with other connectors, such as Y-shaped for split commands, enabling faster and safer wiring.

The control circuits used by Atam are assembled on PCB in compliance with a high quality standard, assembled on the various types of contact carriers and subsequently overmoulded.

Atam MC 63 connector

The LED configuration provides immediate visual feedback on real time voltage status, and therefore on the correct functioning of the solenoid valve. The construction for this configuration includes a transparent plastic shell to protect the components and diffuse LED brightness. The varistor or transil has the function of damping the voltage peaks that may occur when the coil is de-energised, protecting both the load and the control electronics, thus ensuring a longer life to the system. Finally, the rectifier bridge is entrusted with the task of transforming the current from alternating to direct.

High customisation

Customisations such as integrated identification labels and external recognition pad printing for circuit and voltage identification are also available for the overmoulded connectors developed by Atam. Finally, Atam also guarantees a wide selection of ex-stock cable types for overmoulding, as well as the potential to use special cables for specific requests, in order to offer maximum customisation.

IP69K protection degree

The connectors for overmoulded solenoid valves offered by Atam are all characterised by an IP69K protection degree, and are available in the five configurations of the DIN standard. These differ in their pitch between 8 mm and 18 mm, for use that ranges from mobile applications, to automotive, robotics, and on hydraulic, pneumatic and process valves.

YC 63 connector

Technical synergy

The technical synergy in the development  and production  of  encapsulated  coils  and  industrial connectors and the availability of a latest generation test laboratory allow Atam to simulate the combined use of the two products, in all conditions, thus being able to offer customers optimal solutions in terms of reliability, quality and convenience. This flexibility is completed with the availability of both standard plug-in options (with circular connectors) and fully customised.