Fluid process

New fitting with flat faces for corrosive environments

The new range Stäubli MCB, fully made of stainless steel, is intended for applications in corrosive environment or compliant with severe hygiene criteria. Its competitive price will be convincing for cosmetology, pharmacy or agribusiness industrialists. Totally designed in stainless steel, the MCB fitting offers a perfect resistance to corrosion.Fig1_Staubli

Result of the Stäubli technology tested for over twenty years: anti-drip profile with flat faces (“Clean-Break”) and automatic connection with ball locking. It grants also a perfect seal of circuits in coupling/uncoupling operations, protecting operators and working environments.

Sturdy and resistant, MCB is the ideal fitting for a wide range of applications such as the plastic moulding in medical environment, the tank filling in cosmetology, the cooling in corrosive environments and well as the picking of chemical component samples …

This new range is ideal for the process industries of liquid or gaseous fluids in corrosive environments (chemical sector, sea edge) or that must satisfy cleaning requirements (agribusiness, pharmaceutical, cosmetology). The range is available with three passage diameters (03, 05 and 08 mm), five type of seals and it offers various options: electrolytic cleaning, degreasing before the assembly and in case of applications on oxygen circuits. Besides, Stäubli Connectors can develop other specific solutions, in collaboration with its customers.