New line of mechanical endless screw jacks

Dz trasmissioni, specialized in the manufacturing and supply of special transmissions, releases the line of mechanical endless screw jacks, focusing on the quality of structural materials and prompt fast service to rank as an Italian alternative in the German market. The range of mechanical jacks of the UP series has been designed and implemented to obtain user-friendliness and high reliability, making them suitable for the most various applications.

The UP series includes 6 sizes, 2 models (T = translating R = Rotating) and 2 reduction ratios per size (N = normal, L = Slow) while loads range from 2.5 to 100 kN. The version with re-circulating ball screw is available on both models. In addition to the standard series, DZ can manufacture a special range of jacks for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical or marine industry, with implementation in two different configurations. The first with crankcase, covers and flanges of the motor made of aluminium undergoing a special anodizing treatment G.H.A.® Golden Hard Anodizing (patent n° EP1207220) that assures utmost protection against bacteria, corrosion, friction and wear through the use of silver ions that prevent the bacteria proliferation. Aluminium components subjected to this treatment at 20 microns of thickness resist in saline mist for 10,000 hours; the same part, made of AISI 316 stainless steel, would resist for 6,000 hours. The second is provided with crankcase, covers and flanges of motor made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

Both versions share the endless screw made of case hardened steel, with the extremities protected by Niploy treatment, rod and terminals of AISI 316 steel and the possibility of mounting tightening rings of different materials such as Viton, Silicone or Teflon, depending on the specific application.

In addition to the UP series, DZ, exploiting the modularity of the QB design, is developing the range of “QB-UP” jacks and a line of “QB-AT” actuators. Both series are equipped with spiral bevel gear pairs and re-circulating ball screws.

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