With integrated safety functionality

New programmable servo drives

Moog’s family of programmable single- and multi-axis modular servo drives has been extended to include optional safety functions compliant with the EN 61800-5-2 safety standard.

The new programmable servo drive also features Safety PLC capability that allows a complete safety solution to be implemented using the drive. This eliminates the need for external safety PLCs and their associated complexity, and provides shorter reaction times. Integrated safety functions provide a complete, freely programmable functional safety system for safe handling of machines.

The Moog Servo Drive Software with Safety PLC functions includes pre-programmed modules for all commonly used sensors, each available as a logic element. Similarly, the safety functions (SLS, SLI, etc.) can be easily selected. Programming is achieved by linking the various input devices and safety functions with standard logic functions.

Where a machine requires multiple safe inputs and outputs (e.g., emergency stop, mode selectors, light curtains), the scalable nature of the product allows distribution across several drives. The drive contains the master PLC which allows communication across all via the safe cross communication (SCC) channel. The drives can be programed using a functional block diagram language similar to that described in the IEC 61131-3 standard for PLCs. This visual approach gives the user an intuitive environment in which to create their safety applications.

Currently available in frame size 1 to 4, in configurations from 4 to 32 amps, the new servo drive is designed for motion control for target applications such as metal forming, plastics processing, textile production, packaging, machine tools, test and simulation equipment.

“With this product line extension, Moog can now offer a larger portfolio of single and multi-axis modular servo drives and meet the increasing demand for specific safety performance levels in diverse industrial applications“, says Ernest Keeffe, General Manager Moog Ireland, Moog.

For more information please visit www.moog.com/industrial