A new flexible power transmission solution

Polyurethane flex-belts

Gates presents its polyurethane Flex-belt product range, the SUPER Flex™ belt, made in Germany.

The Super Flex belt is a truly endless polyurethane belt designed especially to fulfil customers’ demand for a high flexibility of individual requirements. Gates new, highly efficient production processes and in-house backing capabilities provide a belt which is “tailor-made” to customers’ requirements. This belt combines the durability of Gates quality polyurethane products with optimal lead times.Fig4_Gates

The Super Flex is designed for high power transmission drives as well as for the heavy load conveying applications operated in most industries and markets. For heavy and severe applications i.e. ceramic industry the new endless backing Taracx is now available. It serves a high resistance to abrasion and very good adhesive features for precise conveying applications.

The Super Flex belt program is extremely wear and fatigue resistant and at the same time highly flexible. Gates polyurethane belt range is designed for long lasting and energy-efficient performance on both power transmission and heavy load conveying applications.

More information is available in the new brochure issued  in English (E2/20198) and in German (E6/20198). Additional languages will follow.