Quality and prompt delivery for couplings

Northon Trasmissioni is specialized in the design and manufacturing of Northon- branded transmission couplings. Wide and diversified is the product range made available for the market, including a broad array of typologies of universal flexible, toothed oscillating and flexible disc transmission couplings. Besides the standard production, the company can boast deep know-how and wide-ranging expertise for the production of special couplings upon customers’ specific demands (like for instance, couplings with elongations, with brake band, with brake disc, with cutting pins, with axial sliding and many other types) and for the overhaul of small and big cardan extensions and couplings in general.

What must be the mission of a company like yours and what the successful keys of the players in your sector?

«I think the key of our success and of the positive feedback obtained on the market – explains the owner and founder, Romano Pasquali –mainly resides in the quality of our products, durable in time, and in the strong support we succeed in giving to our customers that need manufacturing tailored couplings, designing together apt solutions for their requirements. Another factor certainly concerns the prompt delivery terms of our couplings».

Pasquali, founder and owner of Northon Trasmissioni.

Through a well stocked-up warehouse, our company can satisfy urgent demands for standard couplings and, when necessary, for couplings upon customers’ designs, too.

«Nowadays – Pasquali adds – the new market dynamics impose urgency as discriminant factor, irrespective of the job order. The force and the higher competitiveness reside also in the capability of providing customers with high-quality products in the shortest possible time».

Precisely to face the new market requirements, since 2016 the company has carried out its activity in the 3,600 square meters of its new headquarters, still at the entrance to Valtrompia, in Cailina hamlet of Villa Carcina (Brescia, Italy). A move made necessary to reap the fruits of the planned investments in new technologies, to strengthen further the structure, through the renovated widened manufacturing capacity.

How is your product range composed?

«Our range – Pasquali explains – can be briefly subdivided into the following product macro-categories: toothed oscillating couplings series “Z”, universal elastic couplings series “PN”, star elastic couplings series “PSA”, revolution elastic couplings series RE”, flexible disc couplings series “FLX”».

Toothed oscillating couplings series “Z” have been designed to compensate all angular and parallel misalignments that may be found connecting the shafts of two machines. They are available from the size Z-110 to Z-935 (from 1,820 Nm up to 1,180,000 Nm).

Universal elastic couplings series “PN” are instead ideated to absorb torsional collisions, vibrations and to compensate all angular and parallel misalignments that may be found connecting the rotary shafts of two machines, meanwhile granting the demanded power transmission. In this case, the range provides for executions from size PN-60 to PN-630 (from 37 Nm up to 70,000 Nm).

Used to couple coaxial shafts, even transmitting high torque, star elastic couplings series “PSA” (provided in the size PSA-40 to PSA-200, i.e. from 10 Nm to 3,600 Nm), are characterized by tiny overall dimensions and are then suggested wherever narrow spaces are available.

Revolution elastic couplings series “RE” (from the size RE-58 to RE-129, i.e. from 110 Nm to 1,650 Nm) are used for the connection of coaxial shafts, they offer endless operational advantages and benefits.

Finally, flexible disc couplings series “FLX” (available from the size FLX-80 to FLX- 630, for torque from 100 Nm to 146,000 Nm), are used to transmit motion between the coaxial shafts of two machines. Torsionally stiff, they can absorb shocks while assuring safety and reliability in transmission, even in presence of angular and parallel misalignments, axial extensions and with indifferently right or left rotations.

Northon toothed oscillating coupling installed between motor and compressor.

«This production –Pasquali highlights – stands out for its high-quality levels. This prerogative makes it durable in time. A production characterized also by prompt delivery, made possible by an efficient management of our product development cycle».

What is your vision for the future and what growth strategies are you accomplishing?

«Against the new scenarios that have been raging in the whole globe for over one year,– Pasquali ends – it is not simple at all to define strategies, even in the short-medium term. From our point of view, we believe the only feasible strategy is to go on investing, precisely to decrease costs and delivery terms. In this period, we have invested, and we are still investing, in the company’s digitalization. Besides investing in two 4.0 machines, we have interconnected the whole company through a factory backbone that succeeds in loading all manufacturing data in real time and in keeping the warehouse under control. We are convinced these investments, even if burdensome, orient the company towards the right direction and unceasing growth. One of our further wishes would be establishing some branches, to widen the market ».

[su_box title=”Free motion, safe transmission and reliable use”]Among the most demanded available Northon couplings, toothed oscillating ones that belong to the Z series have been designed to compensate all angular and parallel misalignments that can occur in the connection of the rotary shafts of two machines, at the same time providing the required power transmission. It is in fact known that it is almost impossible to reach a perfect alignment between them. Even more difficult is maintaining it in time, owing to the vibrations and the thermal expansions that affect the concerned structures. Toothed oscillating couplings that belong to this series offer the solution to these problems, ensuring motion freedom, total transmission safety and use reliability. [/su_box]