Increased efficiency, longer life

Screw compressors

The launch of the Boge S-3 series brings a new generation of screw compressors with increased efficiency, quieter operation and an optimised sound pressure level onto the market.

The Boge-built S series sets standards for efficient and reliable compressed air production and is used in many sectors of industry. The compressed air specialists have now further enhanced their range of screw compressors. While retaining the proven quality, it has been possible to significantly optimise the efficiency, smooth running properties and sound level. The new S-3 series up to type S 60-3 up to type S 150-3 replaces the current range.

Boge effilence for maximum compressed air delivery

The new generation S series uses the most efficient air end ever incorporated by Boge – the Boge effilence. Included as standard in every compressor in the S-3 series, Boge’s effilence contributes to the increased air delivery and enhanced efficiency achieved by the new compressor generation. Its innovative rotor profile geometry, smooth rolling properties, optimised configuration of performance ranges, low performance losses and high volumetric efficiency are further hallmarks of its quality. Its efficient compression (efficiency) and quiet operation (silence) give Boge effilence its name.

The new 5:6 screw profile of the rotors (five main rotor teeth and six secondary rotor teeth) makes for low differential pressure between the chambers and so a minimum loss of volume flow. The small radius of the secondary rotor teeth means that the blow hole is as small as possible, thus ensuring high air end efficiency. The optimised speed is significantly lower than in previous air ends. The resulting reduction in splashing losses enhances efficiency and extends the life of the air end. Thanks to the wind tunneldesigned fan unit and the reduced air end speed, the Boge S-3 series is quieter than ever. A noise reduction of up to 12 decibels is achieved.

Premium quality for long life

With this array of technical innovations, compressed air users will benefit from the proven quality of one of the most reliable screw compressors on the market. To ensure maximum efficiency and service life, the three key areas of Boge screw compressors – the electronic unit and drive, the compressor and the self-sufficient cooling system with a separate fan – are positioned along the main cooling airflow. Every component can be easily accessed. All maintenance work can be carried out in no time from just one side, without the need to dismantle any components. This keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. The compressor control in its standard version uses the comfortable and easily accessible Focus control which provides numerous monitoring and control features.

Customers purchasing a compressor from the new S-3 series benefit from the added bonus of a first filling with Boge Syprem S premium oil. This is a fully synthetic coolant and lubricant which substantially increases the life of the air end and filter medium through reducing the residual oil content. Being thermally stable and resistant to oxidation, it cools the compressor thanks to its excellent heat dissipation. Syprem S is designed to reduce friction and wear, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance hours and costs for users.