Servomech strengthens its online presence by expanding its 3D configurator

Servomech continues on its internationalization path, expanding its global presence with the addition of the Linearmech Linear Servoactuators SAM Series to the 3D configurator

In an increasingly technological and web-oriented world, even the website  confirms itself as a channel that promotes the internationalization of the Servomech Group, since 1989 a reference player in the design and production of solutions for linear motion, more specifically linear actuators, ball screw jacks, acme screw jacks, ball screws and nuts, linear servoactuators. The inclusion of a configurator on the online platform has given remarkable results, recording downloads from over 50 countries around the world: Italy and Germany in the lead, but also the United States, France, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Holland and in general from all the most industrialized countries in the world.

Further populating the worldwide presence is the new SAM Series, Linear Servoactuators from Linearmech, the Group’s brand focused on automation and mechatronics. Linear servoactuators, all with ball screws linear drive unit also internally produced by Servomech, are designed and built to meet the most advanced needs with respect to performance and productivity, with constant attention to keeping industrial costs extremely competitive.

New SAM Series, linear servoactuators with universal motor attachment for third-party servomotors

The configurator makes the display of the desired components immediate. A solution that allows to configure the product exactly according to customer’s needs, generating 3D and 2D models in the most popular CAD formats.

After the introduction of the acme screw jacks with the inclusion of all the sizes available in the catalogue, and the presence of the new catalogue on linear actuators Made in Servomech, with all the series of standard products, both with acme and ball screws, now the SAM Series Linearmech Servoactuators further completes the digital offer.

In addition to the possibility of downloading the configured product model in real time, the user can count on a very high level of technical support given by the internal team of application engineers. Thanks to the completely modular construction of the products and the different construction types, the configurator allows to guarantee customers maximum flexibility of use, even with customized solutions, right from the first approach to the company.

The SAM Series is a further evolution of Servomech’s linear servoactuators which offers a universal interface for mounting third-party servomotors, making the product extremely flexible in use. This means that designers have the freedom to choose the motor and drive that best suit their specific needs, without being locked into one option.

Linear servoactuators are available in 7 standard sizes to cover a wide range of performances

All Servomech linear servoactuators are equipped with high precision ball screws, which guarantee low inertia and no backlash, for precise control of the applied position, speed and force. These products are also designed and built to achieve maximum performance in terms of linear speed, precision, positioning repeatability and reliability over time.

To make the installation easier, all servoactuators are equipped with a wide range of attachments according to the ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinder standards. In addition, Servomech also offers pre-sales service and support to help customers select the right product best suited to individual application needs.

Servomech therefore offers a wide range of high quality linear servoactuators, designed to meet the needs of automation and mechatronic applications, with particular attention to innovation, flexibility, precision, repeatability and reliability over time.

The strengthening of the presence of the configurator aids the choice of the desired products, facilitating the evaluation among the wide offer of products available at Servomech. With this tool customers can easily orient themselves, based on their design and construction needs, with a considerable saving of time and an increased service for the user.

The advanced approach to the global system supports customer engagement and management, offering a competitive advantage in a globalized scenario. This is after all a natural declination of the concept of innovation that characterizes the philosophy and work of the Servomech Group.