For oil and grease lubrication applications up to the NLGI 00 and 000 classes

SKF presents the PPS30 pneumatic piston pump

SKF has announced the introduction of the PPS30 pneumatic piston pump, intended for oil and grease lubrication applications up to the NLGI 00 and 000 classes, in small and medium size systems. Economically affordable, this pump with modern and compact industrial design is made of high-quality plastic materials. The PPS30 piston pump grants simple installation and offers a flexible connection system to facilitate the assembly. Thanks to the pneumatic drive, it is not concerned by international voltage or connection standards and it allows reducing the inventory needs, since it is not necessary to stock pumps for oil and fluid greases separately.Fig2_SKF

Besides, the PPS30 can decrease the operation costs for the entire service life cycle, thanks to a minimum consumption of compressed air. The control unit, equipped with pressure relief valve, integrated and prearranged for the visual monitoring of the lubricant level, provides also for the option of an electronic monitoring through a pressure switch and a capacitive sensor of minimum level. Easily cleaned, the PPS30 piston pump features a suitable load opening for allowing the tank filling from all sides and an anti-dripping cover with frontal opening.