Small footprint and big performance for inverters

The new PowerXL DM1 inverter: small footprint and big performance

The power management company Eaton is expanding its PowerXL series with the compact DM1 inverter, which covers the power range up to 22 kW and has been specially designed for controlling pumps, fans and conveyor belts, as well as for general machine building applications. With its compact housing and reduced installation depth, the inverter is one of the smallest devices in its class and can even be installed in 200 millimeter housings. The 100 kA short-circuit-proof output also sets new standards in this category. The Pro version of the compact inverter not only features an STO function for emergency stops, but is also equipped with numerous communication protocols as standard. This means that the DM1 can be connected straight out of the box for direct integration into existing communication networks without any additional hardware.

Available in two versions

Two versions of the DM1 are available: The standard version comes without keypad and STO function, but already includes a Modbus RTU interface. The Pro version of the DM1 is equipped with a 7-segment keypad and an STO function (SIL2 PLc). Above all, the DM1-Pro comes with the Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, BACnet MSTP and BACnet IP protocols as standard. It goes without saying that the compact inverter can also be connected to the SmartWire-DT communication system. By means of option cards, the DM1 can also be expanded with the Profibus, CANopen and DeviceNet protocols for the North American market, as well as with a WLAN or GSM connection. The DM1 can be configured via the internal web server, without the need to install any software. Updates or incorrect versions are therefore a thing of the past. The handling of the web server is almost identical to that of the PowerXpert inControl software, which can also be used for monitoring and data logging on the DM1. Remote control and maintenance can thus be easily implemented via any approved IP connection. In addition, the DM1-Pro is equipped with an integrated Bluetooth interface, which can also be used to communicate with the PowerXpert inControl software. It is thus possible to communicate with the devices through the closed control cabinet door and without any cable connection, which makes working on the machine during operation significantly safer. Both versions are equipped with a connection for the DG1 remote keypad, which displays all parameters in a clear and simple manner. The Pro version also has an internal setpoint potentiometer for entering setpoints directly and easily on the device.

A choice of four application types

For easy installation, the DM1 offers a choice of four application types: standard, pump, HVAC and universal. Depending on the selected application type, only the parameters required for that application will be displayed – making it much easier and faster to configure the DM1. The Pro version of the DM1 also comes with safe torque off (STO), the most basic drive-integrated safety function. This function not only ensures that the motor will remain torque-free when necessary, but also prevents accidental starting, for simple and cost-effective compliance with the EU’s Machinery Directive.

Advantages: strong in the overload range

The DM1 frequency inverter is particularly strong in the overload range. Depending on the configuration, the operating modes “sensorless vector control (SLV)” and “V/f control” support the rated overload operation of the motor at 150 % and 110 %, respectively. For short periods of time, sensorless vector control can even increase the torque to up to 200 %. In addition, the inverter also enables highly dynamic control of PM motors in particularly energy-efficient applications.

The DM1 is characterized by high heat resistance and delivers full performance at ambient temperatures of up to +50 °C (IP20 and IP21). Fans with extra long service life and adjustable fan control contribute to increased reliability. The rugged design of the devices is also evident in their high degree of protection: The models with a power rating of up to 22 kW are available with IP20 protection, and all devices can be upgraded to IP21/NEMA1 using an optional kit. For more information, visit