Solutions for fluid and motion control

IMI plc is a successful international Group with a turnover of over 1.9 billion pounds, more than 11,000 people engaged and presence in over 50 Countries in the world with a service and sale network and global manufacturing capacity, to satisfy punctually the requirements of the various applications and of industry, and plants for the design of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) and testing.

Norgren is the feather in the cap of IMI plc, brand renowned in the customized design and production of components and control assemblies of fluids and precision motions for Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEM. Norgren designs and develops components and subgroups for fluids enabling OEM to manufacture solutions for a market in constant technological progress and able to improve environmental and human health. Through a presence on a global scale and the thirty-year expertise, Norgren has created an excellent range of products that operate individually or as a group, to create paths for simple or complex fluids, to be applied in various sectors.

A matter of responsibility

Wherever mechanical precision, speed and reliability are essential, Norgen can supply solutions that improve the productivity and the efficiency of customers’ equipment, making available for them a high-performance product fleet, a team of problem-solving experts and a global support network that assures a reliable supply on the spot all over the world. High standards of responsibility are compatible with growth and efficiency for Norgren, therefore the company takes utmost care of social, environment and economic issues, ascertaining they are compliant and integrated with the whole business management. In Norgren they strongly believe people are the most important resource: over 400 engineers with high expertise in the key industry sectors, in direct contact with products and technologies of international level provide the company with deep diversified expertise that results in skilfulness, confidence and know-how that allow understanding precisely customers’ problems and solving them punctually.

Reliability under extreme conditions

Over 30 years of experience allow Norgren to develop forefront platforms that satisfy specific requirements, improve efficiency and performances, decrease downtimes and allow saving energy, simplify the provisioning and reduce the machine complexity, bringing added-value to all sectors, such as plant automation, machine tools and industry in general, with valves, valve groups, proportional and pressure monitoring controls, air treatment products and a complete range of pneumatic actuators (rodless, compact, with round profile and rotating). The companies that operate in global markets need systems that can work reliably under extreme temperature and environment conditions, and for this reason Norgren products are specifically designed to operate under such conditions, with particular focus on climate, temperature, thermal changes, corrosion, vibrations and mechanical collisions. The production ranges from filters and regulators, to assure an excellent air quality of a system, to valves, actuators and fittings. Norgren relies on a complete range of ready-to-use sector solutions sector that offer manifold options featuring low consumption and high precision. Even in case of space and weight limitations, the company can develop products that maximise performances and resistance while minimizing weight and sizes.

[su_box title=”A range of cylinders for manifold applications”]Norgren is market leader for ISO cylinders due to its proven expertise in various sectors and challenging applications. Available in 11 different standard bore sizes (from Ø 32 to 320 mm) and with stroke lengths up to 3 metres, they allow optimizing management costs and the total cost of ownership, using lower air pressures. In addition to the standard range, Norgren offers up to 28 variants as seals of different materials, anti-rotation and with four positions. All standard ISO cylinders are supported by Norgren standard guarantee and they conform to international ISO 15552, ISO 6431, VDMA 24562 and NFE 49-003-1 regulations.

IVAC (Integrated Valve & Actuator) is a solution that combines control and pilot valves, position sensors and flow rate regulators in a single handy unit.

ISOLine. An innovative range of ISO pneumatic standard cylinders that exploit the proven ACS (Adaptive Cushioning System) technology of adaptive cushioning, for a simplified “fit and forget” installation that eliminates the need of specialized knowledge for the cushion setup and assures longer service life and lower maintenance costs. The cushioning system will automatically suit the application without needing to adjust the cushioning screw. For high-speed or big-load applications, a cushioning screw for the manual adjustment is available. All sizes are supplied in magnetic version as standard equipment, with polyurethane seals that assure an efficient operation with low friction and long duration. The new stainless steel ISOLine KA/802000 cylinder is the sturdiest and most reliable Norgren cylinder, for industrial applications in harsh environments and where the contact with foods needs deep washing. Compliant with ISO 15552 regulation, it is made of AISI 303, 304 and 316 and equipped with a set of supports. It also offers a significant weight reduction compared to the previous stainless-steel line (up to 20% lighter), for higher efficiency in mobile applications and lower transport costs.

IVAC. IVAC (Integrated Valve & Actuator) is an “advanced engineering solution” due to its characteristic of integrated unit, which combines control and pilot valves, position sensors and flow rate regulators in a single handy unit. Easily installable on pre-existing plants, with optimized weight and sizes, it allows a reduction of energy consumptions up to 50% versus many conventional pneumatic plants, for the achievement of energy targets and KPI (Key Performance Index) and it shares in reducing installation costs and the air consumption, also shortening idle times caused by cleaning and maintenance operations. The Cleanline version of IVAC range is available, with IP67 protection class, minimized piping and valve-free, which provides a reduced machine cleaning cycle, extending its use time.[/su_box]