Stainless steel pneumatic cylinders

Stainless steel pneumatic cylinders by Artec

Company headquartered at Cento (Ferrara, Italy), Artec has specialized in the production of pneumatic cylinders since its establishment, in 1982. Since then, its catalogue has been in constant expansion, and this year it will witness the addition of the 160-mm bore inside the SERIES Y, the range of cylinders in compliance with ISO 15552 regulation, fully made of stainless steel, with possible choice between AISI 304 and AISI 316. Due to the intrinsic features of the material, these cylinders easily find applications even in the most challenging contexts, for instance demanding for soundness as well as higher specific resistance to corrosion or to the frequent machine washing.

Until now, the cylinders of Series Y have been available in the bore from 32 mm to 125 mm, with various execution options in the double acting version: with or without magnet, with double rod, with apt seals for high temperatures, with male or female rod, with or without front or rear pneumatic cushioning. Like in the other models of the stainless-steel versions by Artec, in the standard version of cylinders SERIES Y, the rod seal is of P5600 type and it is FDA-approved. Therefore, this seal is suitable for direct contact with food and corrosive agents, making these cylinders particularly suitable for applications in the food and chemical industry. Finally, like the vast majority of Artec cylinders, also the Series Y gives the possibility of obtaining the conformity with ATEX Directive, which rules the use of components in potentially explosive work areas.

Market requirements

«The completion of the Series Y with the new 160-mm bore – Alberto Fortini, Sales and Marketing Manager of Artec, tells Fluid – intercepts a requirement that has clearly emerged from the daily contact with the market. We have worked thanks to the collaboration of numerous customers, who have submitted us their need of availing themselves of our stainless-steel cylinders with bigger diameters, for specific machining especially in the paper industry.

Alberto Fortini, sales and marketing manager of Artec S.r.l.

This bore is not certainly new on the market, but it was not available in our catalogue, yet. We have been satisfied with assessing that a part of our customers wants to use our solutions, so avoiding looking for alternatives elsewhere. It is a demonstration of confidence that certainly pleases us. Therefore, our technical department started studying some implementation possibilities of a further bore inside the range. Once completed the economic feasibility study, we have then approved the investment that has enabled the actual implementation of all necessary components, today permitting us to be able to grant the excellent performances of our cylinders SERIES Y up to the 160-mm diameter.»

Complete stainless-steel range

The cylinders Series Y are framed inside a broader range of pneumatic cylinders fully made of stainless steel, Artec’s feather in the cap. Like the Series Y, the other two series are regulation-compliant and then alternative to standard aluminium executions: the Series X includes compact cylinders, in conformity with ISO 21287 directive, from the 20 mm bore up to 200 mm, the Series Z includes round cylinders as per ISO 6432 regulation in 16-, 20- and 25-mm bores, with the addition of the 32 mm bore, too (not included in the regulation). Then, the range of stainless-steel cylinders by Artec is completed by round cylinders SERIES J and the cylinders with the so-called “clean profile”, that is to say the SERIES V. In addition to standard versions, Artec puts at disposal its know-how and the in-house specialized workshop to manufacture special versions, according to the specific requests submitted by customers and application requirements. Finally, for each of these series Artec provides a complete range of fixing accessories, rod accessories as well as guide units, all fully made of stainless stell to guarantee the highest efficacy in applications.

Cylinder Series Y, 160 mm and 32 mm diameter in comparison

Series V

Last addition inside the family of stainless-steel cylinders, the Series V by Artec includes round cylinders made of AISI 316 stainless steel with the so-called “clean profile”. They are, in fact, screwed and not crimped cylinders, and then groove-free, which makes them particularly apt for use in applications where it is necessary to avoid the deposition of substances on machine components, first of all the food industry. They are available in 32-, 40-, 50- and 63-mm diameters, in the magnetic or non-magnetic double acting version, also with double rod, with seals of P5600 type or for high temperatures. Three the standard options: with front threaded head, with integrated rear male hinge, with integrated rear articulated male hinge.

Series Z

The Series Z includes, instead, pneumatic cylinders in compliance with ISO 6432 regulation, made of AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel. They are available in 16-, 20- and 25-mm bores, with double-acting and single-acting (with front or rear spring) and equipped with standard rod seal type P5600, or with apt seals for withstanding high temperatures. The anti-rotation version with hexagonal rod, precisely due to the rod shape and to the tightness of the specifically implemented seal, is useful to avoid the natural rotation of the rod during the cylinder’s operation phase. The latest novelty of this series is the 32-mm bore that, although not subjected to the ISO 6432 regulation, preserves all of its technical specifications: crimped round tube, threaded head and integrated rear hinge. The cylinders SERIES Z are particularly versatile, and find application in manifold sectors: food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industry, among the others.

Cylinder Series Y with guide unit

Forty years of history

However, catalogue novelties are not the only important event for Artec this year. «Right in 2022, to cross the milestone of forty years of history – Fortini ends – is boosting for us, an incentive to go on in this direction despite the period criticalities. We are fully surrounded by the current reality and with these product innovations we aim at sending a positive sign for the future, to consolidated partners and to potential new customers, in a market that witnesses our strong ranking in Italy as well as an ever-rising renown also abroad, with the export that represents about 60% of our turnover. The company’s strong growth under all respects, especially in the last ten years, is a result we have achieved through the stable relationship with companies specialized in the trade of components for pneumatics, as well as, especially in our Country, due to the direct relationship with machine and plant manufacturers, who appreciate our high-specialization focus on both standard and stainless-steel pneumatic cylinders».