The new INSIGHTqc controller for critical assembly manufacturing applications

Ingersoll Rand, together with its two distributors DWT GmbH and MINT GmbH, showcases solution-oriented power tools and assembly systems and presents the new INSIGHTqc controller for critical assembly manufacturing applications.

The INSIGHTqc helps manufacturers, such as those in heavy equipment, automotive and aerospace, who require advanced fastening strategies, to take control of their assembly processes quickly. The controller powers Ingersoll Rand QE Series and QM Series direct current precision assembly tools (DC tools) and collects data that manufacturers can act on in order to improve production.

«Today’s manufacturing methods are constantly advancing. At Ingersoll Rand we help our customers to keep the pace and play an active part in the industrial revolution by providing them with IIoT-enabled and information-driven power tools solutions,» said Mike Chinnery, vice president Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa at Ingersoll Rand Power Tools. «Our products and technologies are based on connectivity and traceability to enhance our customers’ assembly processes and enable them to increase productivity with the desired quality at the end of the line.»

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