The power clamping nut MDA from JAKOB Antriebstechnik

The current model of the mechanical power clamping nut MDA combines the simplest, manual operation at low tightening torques ​​with the highest clamping forces. The interior can multiply the manual tightening torque by means of a robust gear transmission with special slide bearing. The self-locking mechanism guarantees maximum operational safety. A long life is ensured by the material design made of tempered steel with a corrosion-protective surface coating. Special endurance tests confirm these expectations. For example, the power clamping nuts were subjected to continuous load on a special test bench up to 10,000 load cycles.

The power clamping nuts MDA are available for thread sizes from M12 to M48 and can apply up to 180 kN clamping force.

The fields of application of the MDA cover all fields of mechanical engineering in which high clamping are required. For example, clamping of pressing and punching tools or workpiece clamping during machining. The MDA power clamping nut enables safer, more economical and more exact clamping. Under normal operating conditions, it is maintenance-free and can be used up to 200 ° C. In special versions, it can be used even up to 400 °C.