For logistics and material handling applications

The right accumulation chain for every conveying system

For logistics and material handling applications, Munich-based chain specialist iwis offers a comprehensive range of accumulation chains that have proven exceptionally efficient and durable – and therefore economical – in numerous comparisons.  Accumulation chains are used for conveying, accumulating and separating a wide range of different goods.

As a rule, these chains run continually, driven through the track rollers on the chains’ outside, which also support the chain in the profile. The conveyed goods rest on the transport or accumulation rollers, which are fitted between the chain links. Accumulation chains from iwis feature special low-friction rollers that ensure an extremely efficient operation of the chain and therefore the entire conveying system. The low-friction rollers also allow easy positioning of the transported material at any point along the transport path and remove the need to start and stop the chain, thereby unsettling the conveyed material.

Different versions of iwis accumulation chains.
Different versions of iwis accumulation chains.
Maintenance-free MEGAlife accumulation chains
Maintenance-free MEGAlife accumulation chains.

The accumulation chains are available in different versions, including versions with offset accumulation rollers for optimised load distribution, maintenance-free MEGAlife accumulation chains with nickel-plated plates and pins for lubricant-free operation, accumulation chains with protection for fingers and small parts for increased machine and personal safety, and side-bow accumulation chains with offset accumulation rollers for conveying systems with extremely small bend radii.

Higher efficiency through low-friction rollers

iwis accumulation chains have idler rollers on both sides that serve two purposes: firstly, they engage with the sprocket teeth to transmit power, and secondly, they support the chain in the profile. The slightly protruding bushes in the inner link prevent contact corrosion between inner link and outer plate. All 1/2” and 3/4” iwis accumulation chains are fitted with low-friction sintered metal rollers that provide consistent and extreme light running and are not slowed down by lubricant adhesion. Tests have shown a 30 percent increase in chain efficiency with these low-friction rollers. Conveyors can therefore be built about 30 percent longer at the same motor rating; alternatively, if the system length remains unchanged, smaller drive units can be fitted. Less strain on the chain and drive means a longer service life for the entire conveyor system.

Optimised load distribution though offset accumulation rollers

Whereas standard accumulation chains have a single wide roller on every second pin, the version with offset accumulation rollers has offset transport rollers on every pin.  As a result, each pin has a load-bearing function, so that the load is carried by twice as many rollers. This reduces strain and wear of the chain guide. The offset arrangement of the accumulation rollers ensures optimised load distribution as well as better support and smoother running of the conveyed material. It reduces local load on the chain guide by 50 percent, so that, for example, plastic guides can be used for up to twice the load.

Maintenance-free accumulation chains

The maintenance-fee MEGAlife accumulation chains feature a special bearing design with nickel-plated plates and pins and low-friction sintered metal rollers. Maintenance-free chains are used mainly in the electronics industry, food production, timber, glass and ceramics processing, medical technology and any applications where relubrication is problematic or impossible. Nickel-plated plates and pins and environment-friendly, lubricant-free surfaces ensure reduced maintenance costs and less downtime for your application. The chains’ wear behaviour is excellent even under extreme conditions.

Finger ad parts protection for increased personal and machine safety

Accumulation chains with finger and small parts protection feature optimum cover of the space between one transport roller and the next, preventing the ingress of small parts that could jam the rollers and/or chain link. In addition, the cover prevents the deliberate or accidental insertion of fingers while the conveyor is operating to increase operator safety. Matched to the chain type and required bending radii, the protectors provide 100 percent coverage of the space between the transport rollers. The plastic clips are permanently fitted to the inner link. There is no abrasive strain on conveyed goods, workpiece carriers or transport rollers. Two different finger and parts protection versions – with and without joint – are available.

The accumulation chain from iwis.
The accumulation chain from iwis.

Side bow accumulation chains for conveying systems with extremely tight bending radii

Side-bow accumulation chains with offset accumulation rollers are ideal for flexible direction changes in conveying systems with exceptionally tight bend radii down to 350 mm. Rather than point contacts, the chain links have large contact areas in the bend region, which provides optimum load distribution, thereby reducing wear.

The accumulation chain

The accumulation chain provides proven quality at an attractive price. These low-wear chains are ideal for arduous duty in conveying systems and unite a long service life with high precision.




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