More intermediate sizes off stock for faster production and cost savings of up to 20%

Tribo-material for your own processing: igus bar stocks in new sizes

In order to give customers an even more efficient production, the motion plastics specialist igus has expanded the range of round bars and plates for further processing by intermediate sizes. A total of 20 different iglidur high-performance materials supplied as bar stocks enable individual processing for the manufacture of special parts in small batches or for making prototypes. Besides the expansion of the plain bearings standard range early this year, igus is also offering a wider variety for a better choice for its customers.
The new intermediate sizes of iglidur bar stocks gift customers a saving of up to 20 percent.
The new intermediate sizes of iglidur bar stocks gift customers a saving of up to 20 percent.

In the production of components in the injection moulding process, for example in special plain bearings geometries, a minimum number of pieces has to be calculated in the plastics processing. In contrast, easy-to-machine bar stocks from igus now give design engineers multifaceted opportunities to produce the ideally matching component each time at a low cost, supplied by igus either for own processing or already in the finished desired form. To enable its customers to implement a cheaper and faster production of lubrication-free components, igus is now offering its bar stocks as round bars in new intermediate diameters. A variety of materials is thus now also available from stock on order in diameters of 15, 25, 35, 45, 55 and 65 millimetres.

Bar stocks from “motion plastics”

All iglidur bar stocks – whether round bars, plate material or profiles – are composed of motion plastics, plastics for the movement, which are optimised for friction and wear and extensively tested in the igus laboratory. Thereby, it is possible to calculate and predict precisely the service life of the igus bar stocks. They also do not require lubrication and are therefore maintenance-free. By requesting the “speedicut” service, bar stocks can be mechanically finished and supplied by igus immediately according to the user’s specifications. It is sufficient to send a 3D model or a 2D drawing. Within a few days the finished component will be with the customer.