Westcar, hydraulic and hydromechanical couplings

New fluid coupling KD series, developed specifically for internal combustion engines according to SAE standard connection.

The Italian company Westcar founded in 1978, has always distinguished itself at international level as a leader in the manufacture of hydraulic and hydromechanical couplings, used to startup and drive machinery in different applications sectors of Industry and Oil&Gas.

Hydromechanical coupling CA, or smooth and adjustable start up, with starting torque, lower than nominal motor torque.

Hydraulic and hydromechanical couplings are characterized by the capacity to transfer torque from the driving side (motor), to the driven side (machine), transferring the centrifugal force to the oil content inside the coupling.
The internal impeller (pump) pushing the oil against the outer impeller (turbine) transfers torque necessary to start and drive the machine, with an high efficiency, close to 97- 98%.
Thanks to their simple design combined with a high quality, Hydraulic and Hydromechanical Westcar couplings have distinguished themselves for their strength, affordable prices and excellent operation warranty in various fields of industry.

The following are the most common applications where our products are widely used:
– centrifuges for oil and sludge in “ATEX” environment;
– pumps and compressors;
– conveyors;
– grinders and mills;

– marine propulsion.

Hydromechanical coupling Rotomec. Hydromechanical start-up with centrifugal mechanical lockup and zero slip at running.

Last but not at least, Westcar would like to introduce the new fluid coupling KD series, just developed specifically for internal combustion engines according to SAE standard connection, with output shaft specifically designed for radial load, with power capacity up to 600 kW.

Westcar with its long experience grown during all these years is able to provide a complete service, from design to construction of products “Custom Made” to meet and satisfy any requirements of the customers.