Costante Sesino, AC motor air-oil heat exchangers                                

The advantage of using air into the cooling of oleo hydraulic systems has its bases on the following facts: there is no need of water; the system is independent of the connection to the water main; lower working costs in comparison with the water-oil exchangers, even if the starting investment is higher; possibility to use warm air to heat the room in winter. Starting from the type AP 300, all the exchangers of this series by Costante Sesino are equipped with an adjustable thermo switch, which allows keeping the oil temperature between 30°C and 90°C, according to the different needs. Particular attention is paid to the noise of its fans that, working into industrial factories and close to the operators, should have low noise levels but at the same time should have the proper exchange effi¬ciency.  For the right calculation of air-oil heat exchangers, Costante Sesino supplies its customers with a calculation program that can be downloaded:



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