Hairpin technology at the service of drive motors for electric cars

Structural and functional elements of absolute importance in the motor operation, stators need accurate assembling processes, to be executed with high control and precision levels. Atop can satisfy any specific requirement by developing highly customized technological solutions: from the lab machine to the complete automated line.

View of a line for the production of hairpin stators for electric drive motors designed and implemented by ATOP.
View of a line for the production of hairpin stators for electric drive motors designed and implemented by ATOP.

The constant and unceasing growth of the market of the new electric cars, ecologic and silent vehicles with low consumptions, needs a constant development of drive motors. The core of these electric motors is composed by a fixed part, called stator, wound by copper wires, which generate a magnetic field that sets the rotor in rotation, thus producing the electromotive force that moves the car. The stator represents therefore a structural and functional element of absolute importance in the motor operation. An element whose production requires more and more complex and accurate assembling processes, to be carried out with very high control and precision levels.

In this context ATOP represents a reference partner for all companies needing to implement electric motors in the main application fields: drive, automotive, small and big appliances, electric tools and industrial applications. Thanks to its know-how, gained in over forty years of experience, ATOP can design and manufacture, according to the most different operational needs, winding machines with technology of flyer winding, horizontal and vertical needle, with single and multiple stations, winding of single poles, hairpin creation and insertion.

View of the hairpin stator for electric drive motor.
View of the hairpin stator for electric drive motor.

Undoubtedly, these technologies represent some operational advantages and benefits for customers and in particular, in the case of the application of the electric drive motor, whose stator can be formed precisely by ATOP machines with hairpin technology, benefits are clear: maximization of the stator cavity filling to obtain a higher power with a more compact motor, with consequent better cooling of the motor itself, process visibility during the assembling, thus granting the total quality-reliability of the implemented product, with finally the possibility of relying on all manufacturing processes fully automatically.

Details of stator hairpin for electric drive motor.
Details of stator hairpin for electric drive motor.

From the stand-alone machine to the complete automatic line

The recent introduction of electric drive motors formed with hairpin technology has induced ATOP itself to invest huge resources in a research and development programme for automated machines intended for the production of this motor typology. Thanks to the know-how consolidated in the manufacturing of special machines, the Tuscan company has reached outstanding results in relatively short times, attaining the design and manufacturing of innovative machines and automated lines for the assembling of hairpin motors, becoming a steady point for the market.

One of the main highlights of ATOP is the capability and the willingness of providing its customers with the consulting for the development of new products, studying and assessing their feasibility. According to the defined configuration, technicians and engineers develop customized technological solutions to implement the suitable machines for all qualitative and productive needs: from the lab machine for the implementation of prototypes up to the complete automated lines for the mass production.

Detail of machine for the hairpin creation and insertion HHP-13A ATOP.

Therefore, ATOP has always represented the technological innovation of innovative solutions for the winding of electric motors. In this case, the machines for the creation, the insertion and the twisting of hairpins assure unique solutions to grant maximum accuracy and control in each process phase. Machines that can boast some unique technological integrated features, among which it is worth highlighting: the forming and the insertion of programmable high-precision hairpins for the winding of hybrid stators; the hairpin alignment for the laser, Tig and plasma welding; the forming and the positioning of the insulating paper with high precision and speed; the presence of an advanced process management system for the traceability of all processes and materials involved in the product development cycle.

Automatic multi-station machines, for an optimal control of each process phase that requires high motion precision and speed. The technological solutions implemented grant the highest performances, process repeatability, flexibility and reliability.







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