By Meccanica Generale the plastic pulley for horizontal axis washing machines

25% weight reduction of a plastic pulley

The plastic pulley for horizontal axis washing machines, by Meccanica Generale, is manufactured with PA6 + 65%GF; as this is an high performance technopolymer, the cost of the plastic materials represents approx. the 75% of the total cost. It is obvious to understand how important it is to find solutions to reduce the weight with same mechanical performances.Fig2 meccanica generale

The use of a highly performing plastic material, combined with an engineering approach to design, has allowed Meccanica Generale to launch on the market a new innovative pulley for washing machines, fully made of plastic, without the addition of any metallic insert and able to grant high mechanical resistance to wear and deformations, replacing the same component, certainly more expensive and heavier, already produced in aluminium. With excellent mechanical performance, of resistance to heat and chemical agents, lightness and highest recyclability. The patent of the company Meccanica Generale hits this target of improvement of performances and high quality of the pulley, as well as long service life and low environmental impact.

The pulley for washing machine made of technopolymer based on nylon reinforced by 65% with glass fibre.
The pulley for washing machine made of technopolymer based on nylon reinforced by 65% with glass fibre.

Reticular conformation

The reticular conformation of the pulley designed and produced by Meccanica Generale, fruit of several simulations at the structural-topological computer, allows exploiting the technological peculiarities of the material used for the implementation, reducing the component weight and at the same time granting a homogeneous distribution of stresses and of deformations in the use phase.

Plastic instead of metal

The choice of the plastic material for the production of the new pulley fell on a technopolymer with base of nylon reinforced by 65% with glass fibre, matching excellent moulding characteristics first and of mechanical resistance afterwards. That material is used for the production of components for industry instead of metal materials and it offers high dimensional stability, resistance to ageing due to heat and toughness also at high temperatures.


Wear resistance

The advantages offered by the pulley for washing machines produced according to the patent by Meccanica Generale consist in the greater lightness with equal performances of mechanical and wear resistance in comparison with the traditional typologies of pulleys, according to the work commonly carried out by a washing machine. The reticular structure that characterizes the product improves the power transmission performances, at the same time enhancing the resistance to deformations (for instance crushing and ovalization).

From die makers to product innovators

The Italian company Meccanica Generale, 140 employed workers, is headquartered at San Paolo di Jesi (Ancona, Italy) and has two productive sites at Jesi and San Giustino (PG). The fifty years of experience in the sector of the mould making for industry are characterized by the constant product and process evolution that has seen the passage from mould maker to advanced mould maker and then to developer of products up to innovator tout court, following the development course of the computerized technologies of design and mould making in 3D/CAM/CNC/CAE. The last years have been characterized in particular by actions and investments that have further increased the commitment of Meccanica Generale to research and development to promote innovation through a network of strongly specialized technological partners. Meccanica Generale is a leader company on a world scale for design, development and injection moulding of plastic parts and components.

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