Motive, among the Five new members for EPTDA

The EMEA Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA), the leading organisation for the mechanical Power Transmission and Motion Control (PT/MC) industry in EMEA, is welcoming five new member companies in the second quarter of 2018, bringing the total of new members to 14 since its Annual Convention in Rome last September. These five new comers are two new distributor companies – Itsme and Bowman International Ltd., and three new manufacturer companies: Meter S.p.A, Tecnamic and Motive Srl.

“We are happy to welcome these five new members in our community! They will further complete our list of newcomers to this year’s EPTDA Annual Convention, that will take place in London, between 26-28 September. More than that, all of them will benefit of special advantages that come with the EPTDA quality mark on their membership. They will be part of a unique platform for key players and they will be involved in a dedicated professional and ethical community”, comments Hans Hanegreefs, EPTDA’s Executive Vice President.


Itsme (industrial technology and supply for mechanical and electrical) provides industrial and manufacturing companies with technical and logistical services that give them a competitive advantage. They differentiate theirselves in the market by advising customers on technical innovation and smart process optimisation. itsme is specialised in mechanical drive technology and control systems and it is headquartered in the Netherlands. Learn more at:

Bowman International Ltd.

Bowman International Ltd. is a bearing and associated bearing distributor. The company has sale offices and warehousing in the UK and in Germany.

At Bowman International Ltd. a highly qualified team of sales engineers are backed by design engineers who can offer design assistance to company’s customers. This service is enhanced by in-house inspection and tesing departments.  Find out more:

Meter S.p.A

The company was founded in 1981 with its headquarters in Robassomero (Torino) and is part of a private international group which designs and produces both roller and ball bearings for numerous and diverse applications.The structure of the company is made up of three production facilities and two offices in Italy, Germany, USA and China. See more:


Tecnamic was founded in 1906, when the Desch machine factory was established. The growing importance of the sale of standardized drive components let to the establishment of its own strategic sales unit in the following year. This was the beginning of Desch Power Transmission Center (DPTC).

In 2010, after a strategic decision, this DPC sales unit was separated off and the Desch DPC GmbH & Co KG was founded. TECNAMIC GmbH & Co started a joint venture in 2016 with Amtz Optibelt Group, the latter being now the majority shareholder of DESH DPC GmbH & Co. KG. Now since this year, TECNAMIC GmbH & Co is 100% part of the Amtz Optibelt Group, being the parent organization. Learn more at:

Motive srl

Giorgio Bosio, CEO at Motive S.p.A.

Motive srl is a manufacturer of asynchronous motors, gearboxes and variable speed drives. The company was born in the year 2000 from RIB Group. The company aim is to provide optimum value in all processes involved in safety, reliability and deliveries.

With presumption and without false modesty, we believe that our products and services elevate the state of the art in our field. Despite this, we are still little known. We have always been committed to make the market talk about us, but now is time for us to become more active players. Being part of an association like EPTDA also serves us to this: to get out of the shell ”, said Giorgio Bosio, CEO at Motive S.p.A. See more: