Pneumatic cylinders for even the most complex applications by Artec

Artec Srl was founded in Cento (Ferrara – Italy) in 1982. Since the very first beginning of its business activity, Artec has been focused on the design and production of pneumatic cylinders only. This priority has led Artec to the achieve high levels of work specialisation and high standards of product quality. During the years, Artec has gradually and considerably increased its product range: ISO 15552, ISO 21287, ISO 6432 and stopper cylinders have been added to the first series of compact, short stroke and Unitop pneumatic cylinders. Thanks to the possibility manufacturing the components internally, Artec is able to develop and produce also special versions of pneumatic cylinders, according to the specific needs of the application involved in the project. So, every phase of the production process happens in Cento: from the design of the cylinder to the machining of the materials, from the assembly of components to the logistics.

The range of stainless steel pneumatic cylinders is the feather in the cap of this Italian company. These cylinders are manufactured in AISI 304 or AISI 3016 stainless steel, thus they are suitable for applications which work in humid or aggressive environments, such as the food industry, or chemical, pharmaceutical and marine industry. The range comprehends four different series of pneumatic cylinders: Series Y of ISO 15552 standard cylinders whose standard rod seal is FDA approved; Series X of ISO 21287 standard compact cylinders; Series Z of ISO 6432 standard micro-cylinders; Series J of round cylinders. Their clean design and their robust construction make Artec’s stainless steel pneumatic cylinders suitable for even the most complex and peculiar applications.



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