Mattei Xpander: a patented system able to recover energy

Mattei pursues a clear target: spreading the energy saving culture, an ambit where its industrial compressors are oriented to excellence. «In recent years we have focused our efforts on the implementation of machines with even higher efficiency levels than those reached until now» explains Silvia Barone, Marketing Manager of Mattei. «Besides a business philosophy, it is a commitment that Mattei takes on towards its customers: offering solutions that on one hand allow protecting the environment and complying with the relative regulations and on the other hand decreasing corporate costs.  Among the novelties, it is worth mentioning Mattei Xpander, 3 kW, a patented system able to recover energy from the hot oil of the lubrication circuit of compressors. About 90% of the electric energy used by a compressor, in fact, is disposed into the environment under the form of low-temperature heat, especially through the cooling process of the lubricating oil.